Kuehne Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Kuehne Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Kuehne Oil Company
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DALLAS, TX 75201

Leases Operated by Kuehne Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01537 SHUMAKE, C. J. Clay County
09-01542 RIGSBY, G. D. Clay County
09-01587 GOETZE, L. R. & F. M. Clay County
09-01588 HANSARD, J. B. L. Clay County
09-01589 SANER, R. E. L. Clay County
09-17769 SEARS Clay County
09-18539 BICKLEY -B- Wichita County
09-19582 DOWDY -B- Clay County
09-19870 GEORGE, W. A. ET AL Clay County
09-20267 FLEMING Clay County
09-20553 DOWDY "D" Clay County
09-20688 NORTH BEAR Wichita County
09-22843 FLEMING-DELTA Clay County
09-23400 DOWDY -G- Clay County
09-23785 TURNER Clay County
09-24075 DOWDY -C- Clay County
09-24722 GOETZE Clay County
09-25388 GOETZE -B- Clay County
09-25763 GOETZE -C- Clay County
09-26047 BICKLEY-HARBO 1985 Wichita County
09-26071 BICKLEY SLA Wichita County
09-26330 GOETZE, L. R. & F. M. TRAC B Clay County
09-26817 HOUSEHOLDER "C" Clay County
09-27243 BICKLEY GMK Wichita County
09-27489 SCOTT Clay County
09-27532 SCOTT Clay County
09-28090 MYERS, G. S. Clay County
09-28543 MYERS, G. S. "A" Clay County
10-06925 CRAWFORD Potter County
7B-11433 GEORGE, J. A. Fisher County
7B-11511 HAWKINS, E. J. Fisher County
7B-21046 GEORGE, J. A. Fisher County
7B-24762 SHARP Fisher County
7B-24928 REYNOLDS Fisher County
7B-24956 SHARP Fisher County
7B-25139 HAWKINS "A" Fisher County
7B-25312 HAWKINS "C" Fisher County

Drilling Permits Filed by Kuehne Oil Company