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Leases Operated by LMH Energy

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-00525 CLIMAX Archer County
09-00526 CLIMAX -B- Archer County
09-04936 HODGES, W. L. Wichita County
09-05032 KEMP & KEMPNER -B- Wichita County
09-05033 KEMP & KEMPNER -C- Wichita County
09-05120 KEMP & KEMPNER -G- Wichita County
09-05191 HODGES -A- & -B- Wichita County
09-05483 WICHITA-TAYLOR Wichita County
09-06691 WAGGONER -AA- Wilbarger County
09-10689 BURNETT -C- Wichita County
09-11192 KEMP & KEMPNER -F- Wichita County
09-14449 KEMPNER -H- Wichita County
09-15311 BURNETT -A- Wichita County
09-15582 COWAN-MCKINNEY UNIT Archer County
09-17241 CLIMAX -C- Archer County
09-18309 PERKINS, J. J. ET AL Archer County
09-19396 WAGGONER, W.T. EST "G" Wichita County
09-22878 COWAN-MCKINNEY "B" Archer County
09-26803 CHAPMAN 'B' Clay County
09-28848 SHERRILL TRUSTS Wichita County
09-29368 BURNETT "A" Wichita County
09-30034 COWAN-MCKINNEY Archer County
09-30430 WAGGONER A Wilbarger County
09-30521 COWAN-MCKINNEY Archer County
09-30688 WEST, G. T. Wichita County
09-31350 WILIAMSON "A" Archer County
09-31431 WAGGONER BB Wilbarger County
09-31514 HODGES, W. L. Wichita County
09-31763 G. T. WEST Wichita County
09-32366 J.J. WAGGONER Wichita County
09-32771 IKARD Archer County
09-32965 WINDMILL UNIT Clay County
09-32975 HOUSE RANCH Archer County
09-33058 CONNER ESTATE Baylor County
09-33486 LMH UNIT Archer County
09-33717 LOFTIN Archer County
09-33728 HOUSE RANCH'A' Archer County
09-33851 COWAN-MCKINNEY Archer County
09-33852 B&B Archer County
09-33999 Z Baylor County
09-34197 CONNER A Baylor County
09-34248 GRIFFIN Baylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by LMH Energy