Mariner Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Mariner Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Mariner Energy, Inc.
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STE 2000

Leases Operated by Mariner Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-23314 HOELSCHER Glasscock County
08-24596 HOELSCHER "A" Glasscock County
08-25979 MCCLINTIC TRUST Midland County
08-26554 WAYNE Martin County
08-26954 KOONCE Martin County
08-27424 CAMPBELL Martin County
08-39105 RILEY Glasscock County
08-39255 SCHWARTZ SOUTH Glasscock County
08-39487 BOOKS, ED 11 Glasscock County
08-39557 HARTLEY 38 Glasscock County
08-39614 SCHWARTZ 36 Glasscock County
08-39641 E.D. BOOKS 13 Glasscock County
08-39686 BOOKS, E.D. 1 Glasscock County
08-39747 GRAY 24 Glasscock County
08-39808 WEAVER 23 Glasscock County
08-39874 GIBSON 7 UNIT Glasscock County
08-39884 WALKER FARMS 14 Glasscock County
08-39972 ADAMS 26 Glasscock County
08-40014 BURNS 27 Glasscock County
08-40051 BOOKS, E. D. 2 Glasscock County
08-40053 BUCHANAN 3111 Howard County
08-40143 KEATHLEY 46 Glasscock County
08-40144 NICHOLS Glasscock County
08-40145 BETTY JO 39 Glasscock County
08-40146 HIS BLESSING 35 Glasscock County
08-40210 SQUIRE Glasscock County
08-40241 BARBA-NEAL Glasscock County
08-40243 ANDERSON 26 Glasscock County
08-40246 NICHOLS Glasscock County
08-40247 BALLENGER Glasscock County
08-40294 BELL 22 Glasscock County
08-40295 BALLENGER Glasscock County
08-40474 HUITT 25 Glasscock County
08-40475 COOK 21 Glasscock County
08-40478 COPELAND 27 Glasscock County
08-40602 LYNDA-NEAL 28 EAST Glasscock County
08-40926 DOLPHIN 12 Glasscock County
7C-05148 MCMASTER Reagan County
7C-05202 RICKER 25B Reagan County
7C-05221 WELLS Reagan County
7C-05299 CLARK 15 Reagan County
7C-05487 MCMASTER -A- Reagan County
7C-06179 MALONE Reagan County
7C-06191 MALONE -45- Reagan County
7C-06204 OLIVER Reagan County
7C-06242 LITTLE Reagan County
7C-06272 WESTLAND Reagan County
7C-06298 BROSEH Reagan County
7C-06349 BROSEH-A- Glasscock County
7C-06374 WEATHERBY 1231 Reagan County
7C-08701 UNIVERSITY "17" Reagan County
7C-08907 SHAW Reagan County
7C-11068 WOOLEY "7" Upton County
7C-12348 SAU 44 Reagan County
7C-12378 SAU 8 Reagan County
7C-12982 SAU 17-2 Reagan County
7C-13216 SAU 17-3 Reagan County
7C-13534 SAU 42-4 Reagan County
7C-13540 SAU 21-3 Reagan County
7C-13546 SAU 2-1 Reagan County
7C-14536 SAU 33-3 Reagan County
7C-14779 SAU 18-1 Reagan County
7C-15443 SAU 18-3 Reagan County
7C-15753 SAU MARINER 29-3B Reagan County
7C-16043 SAU MARINER 20-4 Reagan County
7C-16063 WEATHERBY 1232 Reagan County
7C-16321 SAU MARINER 30-3 Reagan County
7C-16585 SAU 32-4 Reagan County
7C-16632 SAU 40-4 Reagan County
7C-16748 WEBER Upton County
7C-16760 ROSS 40 Upton County
7C-16810 BOMBER Upton County
7C-16829 JEFFS Reagan County
7C-16862 SAU 31-1 Reagan County
7C-16968 SRH NORTH Reagan County
7C-16972 SRH SOUTH Reagan County
7C-16983 SRH 12 Reagan County
7C-17037 CC Upton County
7C-17058 COWDEN E Upton County
7C-17167 COWDEN D Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Mariner Energy, Inc.