Panhandle Producing Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Panhandle Producing Company
Map of Wells Operated by Panhandle Producing Company
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112 E PECAN SUITE 2900

Leases Operated by Panhandle Producing Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05282 DUNN, SYLVAN Wilson County
01-05447 HOLMES FOODS INC. Wilson County
04-081555 GATES Webb County
04-10800 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-10979 DORSOGNA, A. L. Nueces County
04-112815 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-112816 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-116485 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-116486 DORSOGNA Nueces County
04-126696 DORSOGNA Nueces County
10-00090 VIDA Carson County
10-00091 LEWIS, VIDA -C-
10-00092 LEWIS Carson County
10-00319 WORLEY Gray County
10-00320 MORSE -B- Gray County
10-00815 COCKRELL Hutchinson County
10-00816 COCKRELL -C- Hutchinson County
10-00817 COCKRELL -D-
10-00818 COCKRELL -E- Hutchinson County
10-00819 ELLIS Hutchinson County
10-00820 HAILE Hutchinson County
10-00821 HARDIN-JOHNSTON-STARNES Hutchinson County
10-00822 JOHNSTON Hutchinson County
10-00825 OATES
10-00826 SMITH Hutchinson County
10-00827 STARNES
10-00828 STARNES -B-
10-00829 STARNES -C- Hutchinson County
10-01062 PAUL
10-01074 THOMSON, E. Hutchinson County
10-01565 ESTATE Carson County
10-01639 COUTS Carson County
10-01934 KINGSLAND Hutchinson County
10-024248 BOONE, ALVORA Carson County
10-024249 BROADWAY Carson County
10-024252 CRUMPACKER Carson County
10-024253 HAIDUK Carson County
10-024257 SIMMONS Carson County
10-024258 WEBSTER Carson County
10-025709 VIDA Carson County
10-027919 BECKER Sherman County
10-027920 BECKER GAS UNIT Sherman County
10-027921 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027923 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027924 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027925 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027926 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027927 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027928 BIVINS Sherman County
10-027929 HART-BURNETT UNIT Sherman County
10-028030 EDEN Sherman County
10-028031 ROSS Sherman County
10-032998 BURNS Carson County
10-032999 PEACOCK Carson County
10-05202 CRUMPACKER 70 Carson County
10-05445 BOONE Carson County
10-05486 WEBSTER Carson County
10-056311 BIVINS UNIT Sherman County
10-05650 FROST Carson County
10-05720 STEVENSON, MITTIE Hutchinson County
7B-16009 TOOMBS, S.B. ET AL Taylor County
7B-16461 DILTZ,P.A. ET AL Taylor County
7B-18197 DITZ, P. A. UNIT Taylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by Panhandle Producing Company