Patterson Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Patterson Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Patterson Energy Corporation
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4809 COLE AVE STE 200
DALLAS, TX 75205

Leases Operated by Patterson Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-039933 NORTON, RICHARD W. JR. Zavala County
01-040835 NORTON, RICHARD W. JR. Zavala County
01-043741 NORTON, R. W., JR. Zavala County
01-044917 NORTON, RICHARD W. JR. Zavala County
01-046661 NORTON, RICHARD W. JR. Zavala County
01-055131 NORTON, R. W. JR. Zavala County
01-055691 NORTON,R.W.,JR.-CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-055692 NORTON,R.W.,JR.-CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-055693 NORTON,R.W.,JR.-CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-056205 CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-061256 CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-074302 JOHNSON, B. K. Zavala County
01-077723 ROOS McMullen County
01-079223 CHAPPAROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-114641 JOHNSON, B. K. Zavala County
01-141477 MILBY Zavala County
01-141578 MILBY Zavala County
01-14397 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-14449 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-145261 CHITTIM Zavala County
01-14797 GARY Maverick County
01-14807 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-14874 CAGE RANCH 63 Maverick County
01-14891 MARSH, WOODROW Atascosa County
01-14932 MARSH Atascosa County
01-15133 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-15223 BRISCOE RANCH ETAL SECTION 57 Maverick County
01-15247 JRED RANCH Dimmit County
01-15357 JRED RANCH B Dimmit County
01-15373 BRISCOE RANCH ETAL SECTION 63 Maverick County
01-15377 MONTEMAYOR Dimmit County
01-15443 BRISCOE ETAL SECTION 89 Maverick County
01-15444 BRISCOE ETAL SECTION 91 Maverick County
01-160092 CHAPARROSA RANCH Zavala County
01-16216 DUAL ZONE Zavala County
01-17899 MILLER Dimmit County
01-186238 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-188396 BRISCOE-SANER Maverick County
01-18842 EARDLEY Dimmit County
01-193138 BRISCOE SANER Maverick County
01-211756 SPEER Dimmit County
02-08856 JACOBS UNIT Karnes County
02-098617 GOEBEL UNIT Live Oak County
02-104086 GOEBEL UNIT Live Oak County
02-104098 GOEBEL UNIT Live Oak County
02-110555 GOEBEL GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-119960 HILBRICH-SELLERS -B- Karnes County
02-128113 HACKNEY, BESSIE UNIT Karnes County
02-146563 HACKNEY, JOHN A. Karnes County
02-159651 JACOBS UNIT Karnes County
02-160083 JACOBS UNIT Karnes County
02-175992 GOEBEL GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-183991 GOEBEL GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-188513 ANDERSON Bee County
02-246135 ESCONDIDO CREEK GAS UNIT 1 Karnes County
02-250459 DLUGOSCH-TAYLOR GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-257117 ESCONDIDO CREEK Karnes County
02-264510 ESCONDIDO CREEK Karnes County
02-281452 ESCONDIDO CREEK Karnes County
02-283970 ESCONDIDO CREEK Karnes County
03-061286 BRADLEY, IRVIN P. Grimes County
03-129025 MEUTH Bastrop County
03-130571 BEHRENS, C. Bastrop County
03-130884 LIBERTY, E. P. Bastrop County
03-131164 LIBERTY, EDWIN P. Bastrop County
03-131894 LIBERTY Bastrop County
03-132533 LIBERTY, E. Bastrop County
03-133664 LIBERTY, P. Bastrop County
03-134548 COOK Bastrop County
03-150662 KELLY "B" Bastrop County
03-159710 ZBRANEK, CLARENCE Wharton County
03-20115 BEHRENS, M. Bastrop County
03-20258 BEHRENS FAMILY Lee County
03-20314 KASPER Lee County
03-21727 KELLY Bastrop County
03-21947 KELLY "C" Bastrop County
03-25328 FRIERSON Fayette County
04-11305 ADAMI, SIDNEY ET AL Duval County
04-14032 SAENZ Starr County
7B-31255 MCCOY Brown County

Drilling Permits Filed by Patterson Energy Corporation