Peterson, Don Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Peterson, Don Company
Map of Wells Operated by Peterson, Don Company
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LOVING, TX 76460

Leases Operated by Peterson, Don Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-03409 HENDERSON, C. C. -A- Jack County
09-03545 BOULDIN, LLOYD G. Jack County
09-03946 LEATHERWOOD, S. W. Jack County
09-07642 PRIDEAUX, NELLIE Young County
09-08128 SOPHIA Young County
09-104625 CARNEY Jack County
09-11421 PETERSON Young County
09-122665 MCDONNELL-BOULDIN Jack County
09-140361 MATHIS, J. C. Jack County
09-14135 JOHNSON, C. W., EST. Young County
09-15561 JOHNSON UNIT Young County
09-15988 PETERSON Jack County
09-17946 DEARING, W. R. Archer County
09-18454 GRAGG Young County
09-18588 DEARING, W. R. -A- Jack County
09-18900 GAMBLE Young County
09-20817 CARNEY, ISADORA Jack County
09-21538 HINSON ESTATE Young County
09-21981 PETERSON "A" Young County
09-24173 PETERSON, W. H. -A- Jack County
09-24174 PETERSON, W. H. Jack County
09-24521 ROGERS, J. D. Jack County
09-24524 HINSON "A" Young County
09-24552 MCDONNELL-BOULDIN Jack County
09-24792 ROTHELL, HENRY Young County
09-24823 CARNEY, I. Jack County
09-25046 HINSON D Young County
09-25205 HINSON Young County
09-25411 DEARING, WR B Jack County
09-25854 WILTON-PHILLIPS Young County
09-26310 HAMILTON-KUYKENDALL Jack County
09-26947 CAPPS Young County
09-27146 MCDONNELL-BOULDIN Jack County
09-27512 PETERSON, BILL Jack County
09-27753 PETERSON Jack County
09-27849 NIXON Young County
09-27890 PETERSON "A" Young County
09-27994 ROGERS "A" Jack County
09-28644 CARNEY, I. Jack County
09-28721 PRIDEAUX, R.O. UNIT Young County
09-28932 DEARING W.B. -B- Archer County
09-29001 HENDERSON, J. Jack County
09-31336 PETERSON, C. H. ESTATE Young County
09-31833 W.H. BARRETT Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Peterson, Don Company