Platinum Exploration Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Platinum Exploration Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Platinum Exploration Inc.
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223 W WALL ST STE 902

Leases Operated by Platinum Exploration Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-051006 WOOD, C. G. & R. H. Refugio County
08-07093 MANSFIELD, CECIL Howard County
08-07096 SIMPSON, AKIN -A- Howard County
08-07097 VEAL, M. S. Howard County
08-076685 GOLDEN UNIT Ward County
08-096337 EAST VERMEJO Ward County
08-129846 MEEKER "45" Reeves County
08-153211 CHINA LAKE Ward County
08-170869 GOLDEN Ward County
08-174143 T. B. PRUETT GAS UNIT Ward County
08-176767 CHINA LAKE "205" Ward County
08-185261 CHINA LAKE "205" Ward County
08-25847 HOWARD -F- FEE Howard County
08-31236 ISON, H. G. Mitchell County
08-32356 SODA LAKE -24- Ward County
08-32365 LOCKHART, S. L. "C" Howard County
08-32579 MANSFIELD, CECIL Howard County
08-32626 JOHNSON -O- Ector County
08-34236 SCISSORTAIL Howard County
08-36448 A. N. I. Ward County
08-36800 LONG, ANNIE A Andrews County
08-36812 COX & GRAHAM Ward County
08-36816 MAYS ESTATE Reeves County
08-36916 LONG, ANNIE Andrews County
7C-00435 SHANNON, J. M. -A- Crockett County
7C-00436 SHANNON, J. M. -D- Crockett County
7C-06490 MCELROY RANCH Upton County
7C-069945 SHANNON, J. M. -A- Crockett County
7C-071418 SHANNON, J. M. -A- Crockett County
8A-00484 KENDRICK "B" Yoakum County
8A-00486 WEEMS Yoakum County
8A-01369 EDWARDS, W. F. ESTATE "A" Yoakum County
8A-02403 GOOD, T. J. "36" Borden County
8A-02404 GOOD, T. J. "37" Borden County
8A-02405 GOOD, T. J. "38" Borden County
8A-02665 GRIFFIN, T. L. "6-A" Borden County
8A-02666 GRIFFIN, T. L. "6-B" Borden County
8A-02667 GRIFFIN, T. L. "6-C" Borden County
8A-08449 RILEY, T. S. ESTATE "B" Gaines County
8A-12154 H & J SEC. 389 Gaines County
8A-14610 JONES, E. H. UNIT Gaines County
8A-17743 DODSON, F. C. ESTATE ET AL Gaines County
8A-18145 ODC Gaines County
8A-18334 SAMEDAN-MCGUIRE 1X Gaines County
8A-18371 ODC Gaines County
8A-60008 LANE Borden County
8A-64988 PAGE-BLACK Gaines County
8A-65766 PAGE-PETTY Gaines County
8A-65997 STATE WEEMS Yoakum County
8A-66146 SHAFER Borden County
8A-66662 GRIFFIN RANCH Borden County
8A-66787 TOWLE Scurry County
8A-67323 ADDAX Borden County
8A-67492 JONES RANCH Gaines County
8A-67545 CONRAD "C" Borden County
8A-67605 JONES RANCH Gaines County
8A-67687 JONES RANCH Gaines County
8A-67768 LANE Borden County
8A-68369 H & J 371 Gaines County
8A-68404 MCGUIRE Gaines County
8A-68449 H & J 495 "D" Gaines County
8A-68450 JONES, E. H. Gaines County
8A-68451 RILEY, T. S. Gaines County
8A-68468 H & J 389 Gaines County
8A-68477 H & J 495 "D" Gaines County
8A-68496 PECK "B" Gaines County
8A-68614 JONES RANCH 11 Gaines County
8A-68615 STARK, M.E. Gaines County
8A-68626 JONES "11" Gaines County
8A-68665 H & J 495 JV Gaines County
8A-68667 JONES RANCH 10 Gaines County
8A-68680 EADY Gaines County
8A-68681 HIGG RANCH "30" Gaines County
8A-68693 GILLIS, A. R. -A- Gaines County
8A-68728 MOBIL ATLANTIC -9- Gaines County
8A-68730 PAGE-GIBSON Gaines County
8A-68808 BULLDOG Gaines County
8A-68944 EDWARDS Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Platinum Exploration Inc.