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Leases Operated by Remora Management, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-00676 MATTHEW-KUESTER DeWitt County
02-00764 KEERAN, G., ETAL Victoria County
02-00807 GORDIN ESTATE Jackson County
02-03339 SHOFNER, W. A., ESTATE Calhoun County
02-03343 SHOFNER, W. A., ESTATE Calhoun County
02-06806 GORDIN ESTATE Jackson County
02-076674 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-078390 FAGAN Refugio County
02-07899 REMORA OIL UNIT Refugio County
02-07909 KUESTER, CHAS. "A" Victoria County
02-08019 ROOKE. B.D. Refugio County
02-08186 SCHIRMER, HENRY Refugio County
02-08216 SCHIRMER "C-120" Refugio County
02-08871 SCHIRMER, HENRY Refugio County
02-09045 FAGAN Refugio County
02-09212 MARBERRY "B" Refugio County
02-09307 KEERAN RANCH "A" Victoria County
02-09309 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-09334 ROSENFELDER DeWitt County
02-09365 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-09488 SCHIRMER-BUCK "A" UNIT Refugio County
02-10290 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-137173 LAROSA UNIT Refugio County
02-138157 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-139759 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-141104 GORDIN ESTATE Jackson County
02-141410 HUFF GU 1 Refugio County
02-158715 GORDIN ESTATE Jackson County
02-162114 LA ROSA UNIT Refugio County
02-168115 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-169259 SCHIRMER "C-120" Refugio County
02-170056 ROOKE, B. D. Refugio County
02-190719 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-204461 KEERAN RANCH Victoria County
02-226844 ALLEN, LEWIS Lavaca County
02-228593 GREG MCDONALD UNIT DeWitt County
02-231112 LA ROSA UNIT Refugio County
02-232905 KUESTER Victoria County
02-285628 SCHIRMER-BUCK UNIT Refugio County
02-286550 SCHIRMER, HENRY Refugio County
03-02877 DICE-BAIN Wharton County
03-02879 FOLEY-BROUSSARD Wharton County
03-02885 JORDAN, MINA Wharton County
03-02892 SHELL-BROUSSARD Wharton County
03-02909 BROUSSARD, J. E. NCT-1 Wharton County
03-02912 THOMPSON, A. C. -A- Wharton County
03-02915 BANN-OLIPHANT Wharton County
03-02997 OHIO-SUN UNIT Matagorda County
03-02998 OHIO-SUN UNIT Matagorda County
03-02999 OHIO-SUN UNIT Matagorda County
03-03349 PIERCE ESTATES -A- Wharton County
03-05507 SEABERG, C. F., -A- Liberty County
03-05525 BARCLAY, J. F., ETAL Liberty County
03-06207 SEABERG, SOPHIA, ETAL Liberty County
03-06218 ANSELIN-BABCOCK Liberty County
03-06715 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-06720 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-11585 OHIO-SUN UNIT Matagorda County
03-191425 MARG. 1 GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-192264 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-193092 OHIO-SUN UNIT Matagorda County
03-196516 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-20001 MACOMBER-BROUSSARD Wharton County
03-20327 BROUSSARD TRUST Wharton County
03-20838 WORTHINGTON-BROUSSARD Wharton County
03-21833 BEMENT BROUSSARD Wharton County
03-225954 BROUSSARD, J. E. Wharton County
03-24211 PIERCE ESTATES C Wharton County
03-24339 PIERCE ESTATES B Wharton County
03-24959 PIERCE ESTATES C Wharton County
03-25797 BROUSSARD, J. E. NCT-1 Wharton County
03-25798 PIERCE ESTATE Wharton County
03-258258 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-258681 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-27773 PIERCE ESTATE C Wharton County
03-282349 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-284990 LEHMBERG-COFFEY Wharton County
03-285830 PIERCE ESTATE Wharton County
03-288857 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
04-13200 SOLAR San Patricio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Remora Management, LLC