RHB Exploration & Production,LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By RHB Exploration & Production,LLC
Map of Wells Operated by RHB Exploration & Production,LLC
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PO BOX 3409

Leases Operated by RHB Exploration & Production,LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-24826 COLEMAN, L.M. Mitchell County
08-26067 SOLOMON Mitchell County
09-29560 PITCHFORK RANCH UNIT Knox County
09-29625 WILDE UNIT Knox County
09-29662 WILDE Knox County
7B-13826 CHRISTIAN, BESSIE LOU Taylor County
7B-14896 MORRIS, D.E. Taylor County
7B-21278 TOUCHSTONE, LILA Fisher County
7B-26114 REEVES Jones County
7B-26541 REEVES Jones County
7B-28096 MINK Nolan County
7B-28357 DOZIER-HOLLOWAY Jones County
7B-28701 DOZIER HOLLOWAY Jones County
7B-29166 MINK -A- Nolan County
7B-29254 MOORE '30' Nolan County
7B-30183 DIAL Fisher County
7B-30219 CHRISTIAN, B L Taylor County
7B-30293 HUNTER, A B Jones County
7B-30359 AB HUNTER Jones County
7B-30439 AB HUNTER Jones County
7B-30484 DIAL "A" Fisher County
7B-30864 TANNER Jones County
7B-31192 MOORE "30' Nolan County
7B-31331 TANNER Jones County
7B-31340 WATKINS Nolan County
7B-31405 SIMPSON Nolan County
7B-31410 KEGANS Nolan County
7B-31541 KEGANS Nolan County
7B-31891 J FOUR ISRAEL Jones County
7B-32053 DOZIER Jones County
7B-32353 TOUCHSTONE A Fisher County
7B-32504 KEGANS 'A' Nolan County
7C-06683 VAUGHN, JOHN TROY "D" Menard County
7C-16095 ESN KEYES Tom Green County
7C-18527 ESN KEYES Tom Green County
7C-217566 ESN KEYES Tom Green County
8A-68823 MCWILLIAMS Dickens County
8A-68926 GREEN-MDJ UNIT Dickens County

Drilling Permits Filed by RHB Exploration & Production,LLC