Seguro Well Service, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Seguro Well Service, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Seguro Well Service, Inc.
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P O BOX 1642

Leases Operated by Seguro Well Service, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04886 KIDDER Wilson County
01-05954 VAN WINKLE, JIMMY L. Wilson County
01-06196 MOY, R.F. Wilson County
01-06474 VAN WINKLE,JIMMY L. Wilson County
01-07011 JONES, MARY LOU Gonzales County
01-07139 JOHNSON, MAYNE GUNN ET AL Gonzales County
01-07287 FLOYD, R.H. Gonzales County
01-07464 BURCHARD, LOUIS H. OIL UNIT Gonzales County
01-07722 MANFORD-B- Gonzales County
01-08042 CITY OF GONZALES UNIT Gonzales County
01-08184 MCCOY, JANICE Gonzales County
01-08365 LAWRENCE Gonzales County
01-09292 WINKENWERDER, V. -A- Gonzales County
01-09740 CALVERT Wilson County
01-10604 NAGEL, MILDRED ET AL UNIT Gonzales County
01-11954 COLDEWEY Wilson County
01-12694 MENELEY Gonzales County
01-13072 VICKERS Gonzales County
01-13121 MATTKE, O. Wilson County
01-13339 WITTE-AMACKER Wilson County
01-13429 PARKER, MARY ET AL Gonzales County
01-13432 MANFORD -B- Gonzales County
01-13702 KUSAK Gonzales County
01-13802 ROWELL-BRADLEY UNIT Gonzales County
01-14740 KIDDER "A" Wilson County
01-15487 MOY Wilson County
01-17430 MOY, R.F. Wilson County
02-058441 MILLEN, JACK E. Goliad County
02-07482 ROLF, A.L. Goliad County
02-07521 TREYBIG, NORA MAE Karnes County
02-07655 KOSCIUSKO UNIT Wilson County
02-087618 SHINN, GEORGE A. Bee County
02-133740 LYNN, MORGAN Jackson County
02-142425 MILLEN Goliad County
02-142479 PAVLICA, JOHNNY ET AL Jackson County
02-182267 ROCHE Refugio County
02-185229 ROCHE Refugio County
03-113373 SRONCE ET AL GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-116147 MYRA JANE DRAPER Colorado County
03-127328 TERRELL Brazos County
03-13013 PIETSCH Fayette County
03-13363 JANECKA, FELIX Fayette County
03-14539 KOEHLER, LEROY -A- UNIT Burleson County
03-14899 BECKER UNIT Lee County
03-15055 BLEDSOE, C.T. "B" UNIT Newton County
03-178625 SRONCE ET AL GAS UNIT Colorado County
03-18816 PAYNE Brazos County
03-19240 MERTINK Lee County
03-20223 FASKE Lee County
04-13640 ROCHE Refugio County
04-194590 ROCHE Refugio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Seguro Well Service, Inc.