Southwest Operating, Inc.-Tyler Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Southwest Operating, Inc.-Tyler
Map of Wells Operated by Southwest Operating, Inc.-Tyler
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TYLER, TX 75701


Leases Operated by Southwest Operating, Inc.-Tyler

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-15919 OSBORNE, G.J. Madison County
03-25277 FANNIN, M.G. Madison County
03-25278 FANNIN, M.G. UNIT #2 Madison County
05-00833 TUGGLE, J. M. Kaufman County
05-02273 PEGGY UNIT Navarro County
05-02450 SAYLORS, MAUDE HEIRS Henderson County
05-02849 JORDAN, VERNON ET AL Kaufman County
05-02873 MAYFIELD Henderson County
05-02875 INGRAM TRINITY (ROD.) FIELD UNIT Anderson County
05-03063 BETTS Leon County
05-03197 ROCHE Henderson County
05-03279 HEDDIN, A. C. Van Zandt County
05-03864 MITCHELL, J. Henderson County
05-04401 NM 1213 Limestone County
05-04402 NM 5 Limestone County
05-137078 CARROLL, INA K. -C- Navarro County
05-138389 CLARK, DOROTHY -C- Navarro County
06-00861 HOWLE, ETAL UNIT Wood County
06-00863 NOE, J. L. Wood County
06-00864 REYNOLDS, S. R. Wood County
06-00875 POLLARD, O. D. Wood County
06-00877 SHAMBURGER, J. G. -A- Wood County
06-00881 HOLLEY, M. E. Wood County
06-00884 PITTMAN, E. N. ETAL Wood County
06-01375 BLALOCK, G. R. UNIT Wood County
06-01419 KIRKLAND, N. J. Wood County
06-01421 DENTON, I. A. Wood County
06-016371 REYNOLDS, S. R. UNIT Wood County
06-03129 RICHARDSON, L. Wood County
06-05091 TAYLOR, EARNEST Wood County
06-05332 CHAPPEL HEIRS Wood County
06-05348 CAYUGA N. W. /RODESSA/ UNIT Henderson County
06-05417 HOLLEY, M. E. -A- Wood County
06-05471 MC ELYEA, J. H. Wood County
06-05851 PITTMAN, E.N. Wood County
06-05880 MCELYEA, J.H.-1-B- Red River County
06-05901 REYNOLDS, W. S. Wood County
06-070733 MANZIEL GAS UNIT #2 Wood County
06-097487 HERRING, LEONARD Wood County
06-10022 PORTER-HORTON Gregg County
06-10186 HANKS, ET AL Anderson County
06-10191 CHALMERS, A. A. Wood County
06-10388 BOMER, ELTON, ET AL Anderson County
06-10585 MORAN, H.G. Anderson County
06-10800 MILLS, J. W. Anderson County
06-10842 TAYLOR, E.J. Wood County
06-10916 STEED, CRAIG N. Smith County
06-110901 KIMMEY, T. O. UNIT Wood County
06-11267 SHERMAN, HELEN Y. Smith County
06-114158 ACME BRICK Nacogdoches County
06-121155 BLACKWELL, W. H. GAS UNIT Wood County
06-12259 BOLTON Rusk County
06-12276 WATTS, RUTH E. Anderson County
06-12323 IPC Cass County
06-12418 ELROD, G. O. Anderson County
06-12642 MALONE-TAYLOR UNIT Wood County
06-12680 PETTY-WILLIAMS Cass County
06-12702 WHATLEY "J" Wood County
06-12729 FIELDON Camp County
06-13103 SHAMBURGER, J.G. Wood County
06-13177 HOSEY-DRISKELL UNIT Cass County
06-13181 STEWART, LEE Wood County
06-13807 POLLARD, O.D. "A" Wood County
06-13838 HOLLEY, M.E. Wood County
06-14411 S. R. REYNOLDS -A- Wood County
06-148537 BAILEY, DOYLE Wood County
06-14977 HOLMES ESTATE Smith County
06-15072 BLACKWELL, C C Wood County
06-15077 THOMPSON UNIT Panola County
06-15173 S.R. REYNOLDS -B- UNIT Wood County
06-15314 CLAY, JERRY H. Wood County
06-15328 NOE, H. H. Wood County
06-15482 PITTMAN, MAUDE Wood County
06-15547 LEE STEWART Wood County
06-158439 LEE, EDDIE C. Nacogdoches County
06-186585 SHEPPARD "C" Wood County
06-192009 NOE, J. L. Wood County
06-197111 MCWHIRTER Wood County
06-211613 MELTON Nacogdoches County
06-215475 GRAY Nacogdoches County

Drilling Permits Filed by Southwest Operating, Inc.-Tyler