SSC, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By SSC, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by SSC, Inc.
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P O BOX 1586


Leases Operated by SSC, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
8A-081895 O.D.C. "9" Terry County
8A-084066 GOODPASTURE Terry County
8A-094839 SHOTTS Cottle County
8A-097596 JONES, E. V. Cottle County
8A-136695 MASTERSON RANCH "R" King County
8A-137651 MASTERSON RANCH "R" King County
8A-60524 HOLMES Lubbock County
8A-60634 FORD "60" Lubbock County
8A-60648 HETTLER "61" Lubbock County
8A-60661 COUCH Lubbock County
8A-61341 WHEELER, H. V. Garza County
8A-61560 FLEMING Kent County
8A-62120 BARNETT "A" Lubbock County
8A-62246 MCCAULEY, J. B. Lubbock County
8A-62276 MONTGOMERY A Crosby County
8A-62400 TROTTER "A" Lubbock County
8A-62549 DUPREE Lubbock County
8A-62565 AYCOCK Crosby County
8A-62570 FIELD, MABEL Cochran County
8A-62633 AYCOCK, DONALD Crosby County
8A-62671 ATWOOD Lubbock County
8A-62676 ARCO-JACKSON Lubbock County
8A-62752 AYCOCK, D. W. Crosby County
8A-62811 MILLER "B" Lubbock County
8A-62883 BYERS, R. E. & W. O. Lubbock County
8A-62921 FRITZ Lubbock County
8A-63000 BARNETT Lubbock County
8A-63034 ADOBE POTTS Lubbock County
8A-63289 CECIL Lubbock County
8A-63292 STORIE Garza County
8A-63316 LUNDELL Lubbock County
8A-63431 MASON Garza County
8A-63468 ETHRIDGE Garza County
8A-63739 HARKEY, E. W. Lubbock County
8A-63812 ADOBE-SIDES Lubbock County
8A-63848 MILLER Lubbock County
8A-63913 SCHOPPA Lubbock County
8A-64002 CROSLIN Lubbock County
8A-64018 FOERSTER "A" Lubbock County
8A-64025 POTTS "A" Lubbock County
8A-64034 GOODNIGHT Lubbock County
8A-64265 LEFTWICH "A" Lubbock County
8A-64280 DUNLOP Lubbock County
8A-64281 ASHBY Lubbock County
8A-64353 PEACH Lubbock County
8A-64626 WHEELER ESTATE Crosby County
8A-64658 STEWART Dawson County
8A-65284 CONE-WILLIAMS Lubbock County
8A-65362 ELSTON, MACK A Lubbock County
8A-65455 MCGEHEE Garza County
8A-65525 JUSTICE Garza County
8A-65550 HUGHES, HATTIE Lynn County
8A-65785 BEDNARZ Lynn County
8A-65891 PITCHFORK LAND & CATTLE CO. "J" Dickens County
8A-65931 STEWART Dawson County
8A-65998 PITCHFORK LAND & CATTLE CO. "L" Dickens County
8A-66307 DRAW, NE. (SPRABERRY) UNIT Lynn County
8A-66379 MATHERS, LEILA Y. Lynn County
8A-66505 ATWOOD "A" Lubbock County
8A-66972 POST ESTATE Garza County
8A-67571 HEFNER Lubbock County
8A-68291 CRAIG Garza County
8A-68395 COTTER Garza County
8A-68649 KIRKPATRICK Garza County
8A-69702 MORRIS Lynn County
8A-69765 GIVENS Lubbock County
8A-70008 HENSLEY Lynn County
8A-70620 SSC-ASHBY Lubbock County
8A-70908 NEWTON 105-1 Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by SSC, Inc.