Strand Energy, L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Strand Energy, L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Strand Energy, L.C.
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Leases Operated by Strand Energy, L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15441 FELPS Zavala County
01-15485 ADDISON AVERY Zavala County
01-15653 GRAHAM Gonzales County
01-15940 RANCHO RINCON Zavala County
01-16943 FELPS "A" Zavala County
01-17004 KINGSBERY Zavala County
01-18044 SCHUCH-KINGSBERY Zavala County
01-18073 LEWIS Zavala County
01-18724 HARRIS Zavala County
01-18950 HARRIS "A" Zavala County
01-21066 FAITH-STATE-RINCON 'A2' Maverick County
01-21071 FAITH-STATE-RINCON 'A3' Maverick County
01-21073 FAITH-STATE-RINCON 'A4' Maverick County
01-21079 FAITH-STATE-RINCON 'A1' Maverick County
02-242786 MUELLER Lavaca County
03-10826 ADAMS, C. T. OIL UNIT #2 Houston County
03-165910 HASTEDT, EMMA "B" Colorado County
03-165917 HASTEDT, EMMA "B" Colorado County
03-175095 CULLEN, H. R. ET AL Colorado County
03-199019 RICHTER-LOEWE Austin County
03-203107 RICHTER-LOEWE Austin County
03-208438 BLEZINGER Austin County
03-209812 CULLEN, H. R. ET AL Colorado County
03-214202 RICHTER-LOEWE Austin County
03-232647 SCHILLER Austin County
03-24058 CULLEN, H.R. ET AL Colorado County
03-24911 G.C. YELDERMAN Austin County
03-25639 KOLLMAN HEIRS Colorado County
03-25954 SCHULZ-MUENCH Austin County
03-27500 BRUNE Colorado County
03-27934 BLEZINGER Austin County
03-27952 SCHILLER Austin County
03-282321 CULLEN-HASTEDT Colorado County
03-284589 CULLEN, H. R. ET AL Colorado County
03-286048 GEORGE B. Austin County
03-290660 RICHTER-LOEWE Austin County
03-292694 MAREK Colorado County
03-293649 HASTEDT 'A' Colorado County
06-15531 GIFT RANCH Smith County
06-15662 MALLORY Smith County
06-15679 MATTHEWS Wood County
06-15791 MATTHEWS- FORD Wood County
06-15860 RAY Wood County
06-15885 MATTHEWS-RAY Wood County
06-15895 CARLISLE Wood County
08-43307 STROMAN RANCH Sterling County
08-43358 VIRGINIA CITY COLE Sterling County
08-43525 CASCADE F BAR Sterling County
08-43788 PRICE Coke County
08-44184 ANGELA MEADOWS Sterling County
08-44530 MCGEE Mitchell County
08-44606 ADOUE Mitchell County
08-44607 HENDERSON Fisher County
08-44732 MORRIS Mitchell County
08-44785 BISHOP Nolan County
08-44917 COLE RANCHES Sterling County
08-45065 STRAIN HZ Mitchell County
08-45072 SELLERS Mitchell County
08-45528 MCENTIRE 36 Sterling County
08-45671 ROBERT DAVENPORT Fisher County
08-46904 MCENTIRE Sterling County
08-46905 MCENTIRE B Sterling County
08-46955 MCENTIRE C Sterling County
08-52815 MCENTIRE D Sterling County
10-02054 ROGERS -D- Ochiltree County
10-07154 SE SHARE UPPER MORROW UNIT Ochiltree County
10-07430 WIEBE-THOMSON Ochiltree County
10-07457 COLLINSWORTH "40" Ochiltree County
10-07820 CONNER "51" Ochiltree County
10-219115 JOHNSON Ochiltree County
10-228532 JOHNSON Ochiltree County
7B-29700 RITCHIE WATERFLOOD UNIT Palo Pinto County
7C-13727 MCGILL UNIT Irion County
7C-16981 HAMILTON Irion County
7C-17035 HAMILTON "A" Irion County
7C-18453 HAMILTON 'B' Irion County
8A-69541 JONES ESTATE "29" Gaines County
8A-69982 JONES ESTATE '1' Gaines County
8A-70057 HIGG RANCH '30' Gaines County
8A-71131 BROWN Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Strand Energy, L.C.