Texaco Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texaco Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Texaco Inc.
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P.O. BOX 3109

Leases Operated by Texaco Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-049661 GOUGER GAS UNIT 8 McMullen County
01-050179 GOUGER, H. E., FEE NCT-4 McMullen County
02-001585 BECKENHAUER STATE G. U. Jackson County
02-001588 BECKENHAUER STATE G. U. Jackson County
02-030910 MAURITZ -A-, T. N. Jackson County
02-04062 SILLIMAN, L. A. Jackson County
02-049285 WEED, J. F. Jackson County
02-04945 BECKENHAUER STATE UNIT Jackson County
02-060456 HAMILL GAS UNIT DeWitt County
02-06157 HYNES, J. "A" NCT-3 Refugio County
02-109152 F. V. TUNISON NCT-1 Jackson County
03-005963 DEERING, J. A., TRACT -A- O/A Liberty County
03-007786 THOMAS GAS UNIT NO. 1 Matagorda County
03-02913 THOMPSON, A. C. -B- Wharton County
03-032192 HERMAN GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-038505 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-049141 LONGMIRE, J. J., O/A Matagorda County
03-05259 KOEHLER, F. E. NCT -1 Harris County
03-055925 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-061793 MOUND CO. NCT-1 Brazoria County
03-069382 PIERCE ESTATES -E- Wharton County
03-074425 WIETING, A. M. Brazoria County
03-080825 PIERCE ESTATES Wharton County
03-088316 MITCHELL GU Jefferson County
03-09496 LANGHAM, CHARLES Matagorda County
03-102839 T. T. CO. FEE Hardin County
03-109019 U.S. STEEL "B" Chambers County
03-14232 OIL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Burleson County
04-009312 ARMSTRONG, E. L., -B- Jim Hogg County
04-01103 JOHNSON, M. B. Duval County
04-012761 YTURRIA L & L CO. -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-030467 RICHARDSON, C. R. Nueces County
04-039965 CHAPMAN, J. O. Nueces County
04-047548 YTURRIA L & C CO. NCT-1 Kenedy County
04-050335 SPEIKERMAN, J.
04-054492 CHAPMAN, J. O. Nueces County
04-057733 H.C.DE TIJERINA Jim Wells County
04-057943 DE TIJERINA,H.C. Jim Wells County
04-061541 DE TIJERINA, H.C Jim Wells County
04-061633 H. C. DE TIJERINA Jim Wells County
04-068324 YTURRIA L & L CO. -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
04-068737 COX, E. S. San Patricio County
04-073405 DE TIJERINA, H.C. Jim Wells County
04-073437 YTURRIA L&C NCT-2 Willacy County
04-077474 YTURRIA L&C CO. NCT-1 Kenedy County
04-080450 VELA, M. Duval County
04-083175 YTURRIA L&C CO. NCT-1 Kenedy County
04-08636 CRANE, M. E. San Patricio County
04-09166 DCRC MF NCT-25 Duval County
04-096527 WELDER, P. H. San Patricio County
04-102214 STATE TRACT #713 Cameron County
04-11001 YTURRIA L & L LO -A- NCT-1 Willacy County
05-015694 HENDERSON, JOHN, GAS UNIT Freestone County
06-015969 FLANAGAN, M.T. ETAL -B- GAS UNIT Gregg County
06-04207 TAYLOR, Y. T., UNIT Henderson County
08-019477 HEALD, CALLIE D. Midland County
08-030525 MIDLAND -C- FEE Midland County
08-04011 MABEE, J. E. -B- NCT-2 Martin County
08-051781 FRASER, G. C. -E- NCT-1 Ector County
08-09442 COBB, AURELIA Andrews County
08-14859 RATLIFF, S. W., -B- NCT-1 Ector County
08-17773 LANHAM, E. F. MIN. FEE Ward County
08-20029 ECTOR -T- FEE Ector County
08-23486 MIDLAND -K- FEE Midland County
08-26321 ECTOR -BB- FEE Ector County
09-029250 HULL, AARON, ET AL GAS UNIT Jack County
09-11899 WRIGHT, FRANK Grayson County
10-00262 DAVIDSON, MYRTLE -A- Gray County
10-02018 HUTCHISON, D. E. Hansford County
10-02392 BELL, GIDEON Wheeler County
10-028454 DAVIS-BRYAN GU Hansford County
10-03806 PSHIGODA, WILLIAM Ochiltree County
7B-018001 HART, T. H. "E" Palo Pinto County
7B-07293 CRAYTON, EUGENE G. -A- Taylor County
7C-03347 UPTON -H- FEE Upton County
7C-04608 WINTERBOTHAM, J. M., TS. -B- Irion County
8A-03835 DEAN, C. S. NCT-3 Cochran County
8A-09585 VAUGHN, L. B. Dawson County
8A-16586 MCDOUGAL, F. P. Dawson County
8A-60894 SLAUGHTER, BOB Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texaco Inc.