Texas Oil & Gas Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texas Oil & Gas Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.
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DALLAS, TX 75201

Leases Operated by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-002900 KIRTLEY-DANIEL UNIT Calhoun County
02-002915 AVERY, J. O. Calhoun County
02-002924 KIRTLEY-DANIEL UNIT Calhoun County
02-002925 LEA, RUDOLPH, ESTATE Calhoun County
02-030423 GRAVES, JOHN A., JR. Jackson County
02-03061 GRAVES Jackson County
02-03070 WILLIAMS HEIRS Victoria County
02-030858 WILLIAMS HEIRS Victoria County
02-035589 VAUGHN, ANNIE MARIE Victoria County
02-035590 VAUGHN, ANNIE MARIE Victoria County
02-035696 BRIGGS TRUST UNIT Victoria County
02-044498 RATLIFF, F. A. "A" Jackson County
02-045142 TILLER, F. L. Jackson County
02-04516 DIXON, I. M. ETAL Jackson County
02-053308 LEA, RUDOLPH Calhoun County
02-053786 GUADALUPE RIVER Victoria County
02-05388 HYNES ESTATE Refugio County
02-057003 CLINTON, FAYE Goliad County
02-057315 MUSSELMAN, ROSA L.-A- Victoria County
02-05735 TERRELL, ETTA Goliad County
02-060056 DOUBRAVA Bee County
02-060129 HOLLINGSWORTH, L. R. -B- Jackson County
02-060160 KARNES, LEE Victoria County
02-062838 BOLLING, THOMAS J. Jackson County
02-062936 NEESE, OTTO Goliad County
02-063019 HYNES MINERAL TRUST Refugio County
02-065791 DYE-BEGO Goliad County
02-066110 LEAHY, ROBERT L. Victoria County
02-066217 HYNES MINERAL TRUST Refugio County
02-068902 HILL -A- Victoria County
02-068920 HYNES MINERAL TRUST Refugio County
02-068921 HOFF -B- Goliad County
02-072435 ROARK Live Oak County
02-072898 HAHN Calhoun County
02-072899 SALE Live Oak County
02-074599 MARBERRY, M. M. -A- Refugio County
02-074600 WENDEL DeWitt County
02-074603 MCCLELLAND Live Oak County
02-077386 STOVALL -O- Lavaca County
02-077863 GRIFFITH & ASSOC. -A- San Patricio County
02-077939 KOLLE -D- Victoria County
02-080131 SIEVERS DeWitt County
02-080779 MURPHY -B- Victoria County
02-081008 HEIBEL GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-084027 MILLER -O- Jackson County
02-084036 SKALICKY Jackson County
02-084045 FENNER -E- Jackson County
03-048288 STOVALL, E. I. -D- Wharton County
03-048658 HENRY, J. M. Wharton County
03-048659 HENRY, J. M. Wharton County
03-064521 JOHNSON HAROLD E UNIT Colorado County
03-064524 DUNCAN, F. B. -B- Wharton County
03-064823 RAINOSHEK-GARNER GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-074155 BOETTCHER GAS UNIT Wharton County
03-074159 HENRY, J. M. Wharton County
03-074614 STRUNK Colorado County
04-010146 JOHNSON, M. O. Hidalgo County
04-010857 BAKHAUS, O. F. Hidalgo County
04-011509 LOPENO Zapata County
04-044670 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE, -D- Webb County
04-045399 HEIN, LUZ A. Webb County
04-046649 LOPENO Zapata County
04-061300 GARZA,RUBEN Starr County
04-061331 MINTON Jim Wells County
04-061535 MUIL San Patricio County
04-072171 MOSSER Jim Wells County
04-072292 RAY "C" San Patricio County
04-072657 BROWNING ESTATE Nueces County
04-081779 RAY "B" San Patricio County
04-082088 RAY "C" San Patricio County
04-082843 JONES "O" Jim Wells County
06-059910 NORTH REKLAW GAS UNIT # 2 Cherokee County
06-060268 CEDAR SPRINGS GAS UNIT NO.10 Upshur County
06-061364 MITCHELL -C- Harrison County
08-076684 DELANGE Crane County
08-17666 TXL Ector County
08-22224 ATKINS -B- Pecos County
7C-06029 TODD Crockett County
7C-06031 DAMRON Upton County
7C-06077 JACOBS LIVESTOCK -A- Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texas Oil & Gas Corp.