Texland-Rector & Schumacher Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Texland-Rector & Schumacher
Map of Wells Operated by Texland-Rector & Schumacher
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Leases Operated by Texland-Rector & Schumacher

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-146211 COLE, B. J. Val Verde County
08-36431 EXXON-BARROW 17 Ector County
7C-09509 UNIVERSITY "10-A" Upton County
8A-03672 AMOCO-YOUNG Hockley County
8A-03853 HEATH, O. A. Hockley County
8A-04578 MARTIN "AB" Yoakum County
8A-04584 GILSTRAP, B. L. Yoakum County
8A-04603 MATSLER Yoakum County
8A-056873 RAINS COUNTY SCHOOL LAND A/C 7 Hockley County
8A-059571 RAINS COUNTY SCHOOL LAND A/C 7 Hockley County
8A-122811 RAINS COUNTY SCHOOL LAND A/C 7 Hockley County
8A-13848 LACKEY Yoakum County
8A-60751 STALLINGS, J. J. Hockley County
8A-61462 GULF-COONS Terry County
8A-61652 MORGENSTERN, PAULINE H. Terry County
8A-61777 WOODWARD, DURWOOD E. Dickens County
8A-61865 BARNETT, WINNIE Crosby County
8A-61989 POWELL, MATTIE "A" Yoakum County
8A-61992 MCCOY-YOUNG Hockley County
8A-62201 WOODWARD, DURWOOD E. Crosby County
8A-62345 LUPTON Lubbock County
8A-62473 BARKER-OWENS Lubbock County
8A-62492 BARKER-JOHNSON Lubbock County
8A-62883 BYERS, R. E. & W. O. Lubbock County
8A-62903 MAHONEY Lubbock County
8A-63114 BURFORD Lubbock County
8A-63154 SLAUGHTER TRUST Cochran County
8A-63253 VERETTO, F. Hockley County
8A-63360 JOHNSON Lubbock County
8A-63485 WARHORSE (CLEARFORK, UP.) UNIT Terry County
8A-63563 PRICE-THOMAS Crosby County
8A-63649 SESSIONS, H. A. Lubbock County
8A-63659 STOKES, W.A. Lubbock County
8A-63715 VERETTO, F. Hockley County
8A-63739 HARKEY, E. W. Lubbock County
8A-64107 RED RAIDER UNIT Lubbock County
8A-64128 BLACKMON-SHAW Lubbock County
8A-64150 BURFORD-MARTIN Lubbock County
8A-64562 RJR RANCH "B" Cochran County
8A-64570 RJR RANCH "A2F" Cochran County
8A-64576 E. BROADVIEW (CLEARFORK UP) UNIT Lubbock County
8A-64587 SUNDOWN, NE. (SAN ANDRES) UNIT Hockley County
8A-64603 LEVELLAND (ABO) UNIT Hockley County
8A-64914 POOL-HANNES "36" Terry County
8A-65034 POOL-HANNES "37" Terry County
8A-65118 GUTHRIE "A" Garza County
8A-65201 TEAGUE, E. B. Hockley County
8A-65321 ANDERSON, C. M. Hockley County
8A-65322 CITY OF LUBBOCK UNIT Lubbock County
8A-65646 PENTECOST ESTATE Hockley County
8A-65666 POOL-HANNES "36" Terry County
8A-65679 LIF-LUBHEIRS Lubbock County
8A-65693 MORROW Lubbock County
8A-65777 SMYER NE UNIT Hockley County
8A-65783 GRANT, B. Hockley County
8A-65784 EDWARDS, J. S. Hockley County
8A-65827 PIKE DOBBINS Dickens County
8A-65917 IDALOU UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66071 BENNETT, RUTH A/C 3-A Yoakum County
8A-66108 SE. STINNETT UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66221 BONANZA (SAN ANDRES) UNIT Cochran County
8A-66520 CANYON VALLEY UNIT Crosby County
8A-66582 NORTH LOOP UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66702 SHELL-MORE Yoakum County
8A-66731 BRANEX/AMERICAN Gaines County
8A-66732 RAINS Garza County
8A-66803 CUMMINGS Yoakum County
8A-66811 NEWTON, H. Lubbock County
8A-66832 SHELL-MORE "A" Yoakum County
8A-66888 GLEN IVY UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66906 ALLFORD "A" Hockley County
8A-66927 DENTON ET AL Gaines County
8A-66929 TEAL - CROSNOE UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66934 VICKER - L.I.S.D. UNIT Lubbock County
8A-66969 SHELL - MORE "B" Yoakum County
8A-67140 NIP Gaines County
8A-67423 AMOCO-BROWN Terry County
8A-67684 COOK, E. ESTATE Gaines County
8A-67703 HOLLER, DONNA Gaines County
8A-68234 MARTIN, H. C. "B" Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Texland-Rector & Schumacher