Thompson, John R. Operating, Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Thompson, John R. Operating, Inc
Map of Wells Operated by Thompson, John R. Operating, Inc
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1950 E. HIGHWAY 80

Leases Operated by Thompson, John R. Operating, Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-05688 WELDER, J.F. HEIRS Refugio County
02-05744 WELDER, J.F. HEIRS "AC Refugio County
02-05985 DOUGHERTY ESTATE Bee County
02-05993 ANGERSTEIN, MAYO Victoria County
02-06744 SHIRLEY BROTHERS "B" Goliad County
02-076819 HORADAM, HENRY L. Victoria County
02-077007 MCCAN, C. K. Victoria County
02-077087 WELDER, J. F. HEIRS Refugio County
02-077190 HUBER, HENRY H. Victoria County
02-077389 MCCAN, C. K., JR. Victoria County
02-078535 ANGERSTEIN, MAYO Victoria County
02-080123 VAUGHN, A. DeWitt County
02-080499 BELL, W.T. ET AL DeWitt County
02-080845 PATTERSON-PAUL UNIT Victoria County
02-080846 BALLARD UNIT Victoria County
02-080847 URBAN, E. R. Goliad County
02-081121 BALLARD UNIT Victoria County
02-083037 BALLARD UNIT Victoria County
02-083831 KOHLER UNIT Goliad County
02-084606 VAUGHN, A.M.N. DeWitt County
02-086676 MALONE, GRACE FOX ET AL Bee County
02-090938 HICKMAN, B. H. Bee County
02-090939 HICKMAN, B.H. Bee County
02-093978 ADAMS, A. Bee County
02-094702 STUART, RUBY Bee County
02-096287 BROWN, E. S. Bee County
02-097031 WELDER, J. F. HEIRS Refugio County
02-097988 E.J. BERTHOLD Bee County
02-098749 ANGERSTEIN, MAYO Victoria County
02-114001 HALEPASKA Victoria County
02-115735 MCGUILL, J.D. Goliad County
02-115940 WILLIAMS-HALEPASKA Victoria County
03-131296 STEENBERG, D. E. VAN Fort Bend County
03-137526 OLDAG GAS UNIT Fort Bend County
04-083627 MAEDGEN & SON INC. San Patricio County
04-083996 HODGES ESTATE San Patricio County
04-087822 BROWN, C. S. San Patricio County
04-097431 GUITAR"A" Callahan County
04-09821 GANDY, JR. TRUSTEE, ET AL Nueces County
04-09822 YAEGAR, R. Jim Hogg County
04-10099 COGDILL ETAL San Patricio County
04-103493 TIMON, W. F. San Patricio County
04-10856 YAEGER -A- Jim Hogg County
04-110203 ARMSTRONG, L. Jim Hogg County
09-22045 HOWELL-COLEHOUR Knox County
7B-02049 HARRISON ESTATE -C- Haskell County
7B-02489 GODFREY, W. L. Jones County
7B-071026 NEELY, G. E. Taylor County
7B-09340 GULLEY, A. C. Callahan County
7B-09673 GABEL EST. Fisher County
7B-097431 GUITAR"A" Callahan County
7B-09921 SOLOMON, M. B. Fisher County
7B-10951 FLETCHER, L. T. Taylor County
7B-12279 J K HOLLY Taylor County
7B-12510 DUNCAN C. C. A Coleman County
7B-12696 GIST ED -A- Jones County
7B-12723 DUNCAN HEIRS Coleman County
7B-12766 GIST ED -B- Jones County
7B-13163 DEER ANN S. Callahan County
7B-13279 CRAVER A.G. "B" Nolan County
7B-13552 WATTS UNIT "A" Jones County
7B-13602 WATTS "B" Jones County
7B-13654 HAMBY UNIT "B" Jones County
7B-13664 SNOW D. Taylor County
7B-13732 HAMBY UNIT "A" Jones County
7B-13757 BOLEY-HAMBY UNIT Taylor County
7B-13789 BOLEY HEIRS Taylor County
7B-13790 GIST-HAMBY UNIT "B" Taylor County
7B-14431 TIPTON C.W. Taylor County
7B-14833 NEELY GEORGE E. Taylor County
7B-15977 HARRISON ESTATE "B" Haskell County
7B-16486 OVERBY HOWARD W Haskell County
7B-16695 HOOD, BILL ET AL Jones County
7B-17037 BARNEY CROSS Jones County
7B-18823 IVEY, HOLLEY Callahan County
7B-20811 CARLTON "B" Jones County
7B-22633 DUFF Jones County
7B-25106 MYATT, BETH ET AL "A" Jones County

Drilling Permits Filed by Thompson, John R. Operating, Inc