Three Forks Operating Co, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Three Forks Operating Co, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Three Forks Operating Co, LLC
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P O BOX 369

Leases Operated by Three Forks Operating Co, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-03774 COFFIELD, H. H., UNIT Milam County
01-03848 COLDIRON, A. Milam County
01-03853 HOGAN, W. P. Milam County
01-03876 PERRY, P. H., JR. Milam County
01-04004 ROBINSON, M. C. Burleson County
01-04129 PERRY, D. H. Milam County
01-05804 WALKER-PEARSON Milam County
01-10271 JOHNSON, SAMMIE LEE Milam County
01-10345 LUMPKINS, GLEN B Milam County
01-10681 SCHNEEBELI, KITTIE Milam County
01-11497 SCHNEEBELI, EARL Milam County
01-11579 GILLIAM Milam County
01-11691 UNDERWOOD Milam County
01-11795 ROBERTS, J. BOB Milam County
01-11915 LUMPKINS Milam County
01-11931 BILLIE ANN Bastrop County
01-11971 STEGLICH, J. C. Bastrop County
01-11989 COLDIRON Milam County
01-12071 T.R.U. UNIT Milam County
01-12128 WHITLEY Bastrop County
01-12145 DARBY, LEE ROY Milam County
01-12164 MEHAFFEY, L.C. S Milam County
01-12169 COFFIELD Milam County
01-12211 SCHNEEBELI, KITTIE Milam County
01-12455 STAMPER Milam County
01-13696 COFFIELD - J&J Milam County
01-14201 WHERRY & GREEN UNIT Atascosa County
01-14377 GUNN Milam County
01-14551 STAMPER Milam County
01-14817 HOGAN UNIT Milam County
01-15015 COFFIELD CROTCH Milam County
01-18391 SCHULTEA Milam County
03-09922 ALFORD, J. Burleson County
03-09942 COTTON, E. A. Burleson County
03-09987 UNDERWOOD, T. R. Milam County
03-19794 LUNSFORD, R.G. Milam County
03-20304 WEISE "A" Lee County
03-22829 HRI - WEISE A Lee County
05-02050 PRESSWOOD (TRAVIS PEAK) UNIT Van Zandt County
05-02401 MILLER GRASS FARMS Limestone County
05-02824 HOSANNAH Limestone County
05-02851 CRAWFORD Limestone County
05-03141 MILLER GRASS FARMS Limestone County
05-03287 MILLER GRASS FARMS Limestone County
05-03485 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
05-03501 PALMER-METCALF -B- Van Zandt County
05-04302 BROWNING Van Zandt County
05-154741 BROWNING Van Zandt County

Drilling Permits Filed by Three Forks Operating Co, LLC