U.S. Energy Development Corp Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By U.S. Energy Development Corp
Map of Wells Operated by U.S. Energy Development Corp
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Leases Operated by U.S. Energy Development Corp

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-18596 HIDEAWAY RANCH Frio County
01-18636 IRONWOOD Frio County
01-18806 HIDEAWAY RANCH UNIT Zavala County
01-18827 HIDEAWAY RANCH E1 UNIT Zavala County
01-18843 IRONWOOD UNIT Frio County
01-18855 IRONWOOD A3 UNIT Frio County
01-18865 IRONWOOD A2 UNIT Frio County
01-18870 HIDEAWAY RANCH A2 UNIT Zavala County
01-18898 HIDEAWAY RANCH E2 UNIT Zavala County
01-18899 IRONWOOD A4 UNIT Frio County
01-18903 HIDEAWAY RANCH A3 UNIT Zavala County
01-18911 HIDEAWAY RANCH E3 UNIT Zavala County
01-19132 LLM SOUTH Zavala County
01-19495 LLM NORTH Zavala County
01-19698 HIDEAWAY RANCH NORTH Frio County
01-19738 MONTE LENOSO Frio County
01-19798 SOLA VACA NORTE Zavala County
08-07216 BROWN Ward County
08-07317 BARKER -B- Ward County
08-07318 JAMES Ward County
08-284624 ADMIRAL FRANK FLETCHER STATE Culberson County
08-284850 ADMIRAL WILLIAM HALSEY JR STATE Culberson County
08-285377 ADMIRAL ERNEST KING STATE Culberson County
08-285392 ADMIRAL CHESTER NIMITZ Culberson County
08-285593 FLEMING 13 Reeves County
08-285596 SANDHU STATE UNIT Reeves County
08-285923 THURMOND A137 ALLOC. A Reeves County
08-286080 WESTWAY 2122 Reeves County
08-287221 THURMOND 132 ALLOC C Reeves County
08-35575 UNIVERSITY LAND 18-36W Ward County
08-50044 OLIFANT UNIVERSITY 25 18 Ward County
08-50453 UNIVERSITY 45 20 Ward County
08-51217 USS ENTERPRISE STATE Culberson County
08-51786 OLIFANT UNIVERSITY 38 18 Ward County
08-54868 UNIVERSITY LANDS 43 20 Ward County
08-57739 RIO HONDO Ward County
09-270412 MARTIN C (SA) Cooke County
09-270518 MARTIN C (SA) Cooke County
09-270716 CLARK UNIT Montague County
09-270717 CLARK UNIT Montague County
09-270718 CLARK UNIT Montague County
09-270719 MARTIN (SA) Montague County
09-270720 MARTIN (SA) Montague County
09-270766 MARTIN C (SA) Cooke County
09-272545 MARTIN B (SA) Montague County
09-272546 MARTIN B (SA) Montague County
09-272547 MARTIN (SA) Montague County
09-273660 BOWIE-WINGATE (SA) Montague County
09-273936 HAYES B UNIT Montague County
09-274141 BOWIE-WINGATE (SA) Montague County
09-274580 HAYES A UNIT Montague County
09-275264 BROWNING A UNIT Montague County
09-275265 BROWNING B UNIT Montague County
09-275401 LEWIS-STUART A2 UNIT Montague County
09-276218 MCCALL A UNIT Montague County
09-276222 MCCALL B UNIT Montague County
09-276975 LEWIS-STUART A3 UNIT Montague County
09-277041 LEWIS-STUART A1 UNIT Montague County
09-278414 MCANEAR UNIT Jack County
09-278824 LEWIS-STUART B1 UNIT Montague County
09-278873 BROWNING D UNIT Montague County
09-278996 LEWIS-STUART B2 UNIT Montague County
09-278997 BROWNING E UNIT Montague County
09-30832 WALTER, M. C. Montague County
09-30838 BOWIE, NEIL Montague County
09-32585 MARTIN B (SA) Montague County
09-33370 LEWIS-STUART C1 UNIT Montague County
09-33371 LEWIS-STUART C3 UNIT Montague County
09-33411 J&L COZART Jack County
09-33420 LEWIS-STUART C2 UNIT Montague County
09-33526 LEWIS-STUART B2 UNIT Montague County
09-33531 LEWIS-STUART C4 UNIT Montague County
09-33540 LEWIS-STUART B1 UNIT Montague County
09-33557 LEWIS-STUART E1 UNIT Montague County
09-33558 LEWIS-STUART E2 UNIT Montague County
09-33562 LEWIS-STUART F4 UNIT Montague County
09-33566 LEWIS-STUART F3 UNIT Montague County
7B-31939 REVES 181 Jones County
7B-31990 LOVVORN 15 Jones County

Drilling Permits Filed by U.S. Energy Development Corp