V-F Petroleum Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By V-F Petroleum Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by V-F Petroleum Inc.
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PO BOX 1889


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Leases Operated by V-F Petroleum Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-151088 LAESCALERA Pecos County
08-153198 LAESCALERA Pecos County
08-161407 JANN Sterling County
08-161408 JANN "A" Sterling County
08-161409 RAY, JENNIE Sterling County
08-22726 ABELL Crane County
08-22910 STRAIN, C. HUNTER Reeves County
08-22968 FEE Crane County
08-23089 ARCO Crane County
08-23176 MORRIS, W. R. Martin County
08-23208 7402 JVS MUSTANG Andrews County
08-24448 CASBEER UNIT Midland County
08-24449 KLAPPROTH Midland County
08-24450 MEISSNER Midland County
08-24451 RAGGETT Midland County
08-24488 RAY, JENNIE Sterling County
08-25099 JANN #1 Sterling County
08-25101 COWDEN,FRANK Ector County
08-26043 ABELL -SA- Crane County
08-27147 JONES Martin County
08-27525 IRETON UNIT Martin County
08-27606 RINGENER, W.J. Martin County
08-29725 WOLF Howard County
08-29798 SWINDELL Howard County
08-30153 CARTER ESTATE Crane County
08-30301 RATLIFF Glasscock County
08-30525 STRAIN -13- Reeves County
08-30633 ARMSTRONG Andrews County
08-30849 ARMSTRONG Andrews County
08-31449 AMOS Howard County
08-32365 LOCKHART, S. L. "C" Howard County
08-32723 HODNETT Howard County
08-32752 UNIVERSITY -12- Andrews County
08-33269 CARTER ESTATE Crane County
08-33425 BLACKIE Midland County
08-34179 CRANE -B- FEE Crane County
08-40512 CALDWELL Sterling County
08-41298 UNIVERSITY 6 Pecos County
08-41333 TEXACO FEE Ector County
08-44598 MORGAN Martin County
08-52017 UNIVERSITY 7 Pecos County
7B-24189 BAST A Nolan County
7B-27999 BAST Nolan County
7C-097681 ALLISON Sutton County
7C-09916 ROCKER "B" Reagan County
7C-10341 ROCKER "B" 12 Reagan County
7C-10864 WHATLEY A Reagan County
7C-11679 INCA-PARISH Reagan County
7C-11793 INCA-CARR Reagan County
7C-12479 POEHLS Runnels County
7C-13085 EXXON-COX Crockett County
7C-13255 LIVE OAK COX Crockett County
7C-13293 COX, MERIDIAN Crockett County
7C-133699 MERIDAN-COX Crockett County
7C-134379 EXXON-COX Crockett County
7C-14292 PARISH, NANNIE C. Reagan County
7C-16030 BERGER Schleicher County
7C-21272 CARR, JOHN O. -A- Reagan County
7C-21529 INCA-PARISH Reagan County
8A-00649 COGDELL, D. M. Kent County
8A-00651 COGDELL, D. M. Kent County
8A-00652 COGDELL, D. M. "A" Kent County
8A-00653 COGDELL, D. M. JR. Kent County
8A-15237 PHILLIPS-DUPREE Dawson County
8A-15637 COGDELL, D. M. -E- Kent County
8A-60858 COGDELL, T. A. Kent County
8A-61007 COGDELL, M. A. Kent County
8A-61042 CANON, C. C. "A" Borden County
8A-61278 WEATHERS Borden County
8A-61309 COGDELL "LA" Kent County
8A-61694 COGDELL Kent County
8A-62046 COGDELL, S. A. Kent County
8A-62645 SCHAMBURG Gaines County
8A-62708 PRICE Borden County
8A-64988 PAGE-BLACK Gaines County
8A-66648 BEAN Terry County
8A-66722 COTTON LINDSEY Gaines County
8A-66903 PHILLIPS -42- Terry County
8A-67153 BISHOP SCHMITT Gaines County
8A-69152 POWELL Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by V-F Petroleum Inc.