Valley Petroleum Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Valley Petroleum Company
Map of Wells Operated by Valley Petroleum Company
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PO BOX 7295


Leases Operated by Valley Petroleum Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-30275 L. L. BUTLER Gaines County
08-31613 BUTLER -A- Andrews County
09-26487 SHANAFELT, S. C. Jack County
09-29134 DUNCAN, J. C. Montague County
7B-01206 WATSON, O. H. Coleman County
7B-01245 COATS & SMITH Coleman County
7B-100622 WATSON, O. H. Coleman County
7B-10418 STANBERRY, S. R. Coleman County
7B-105058 WATSON, O.H. Coleman County
7B-128702 JOHNSON,RICHARD Coleman County
7B-137446 VAUGHN, GARY M. "B" Coleman County
7B-14528 DEBUSK Coleman County
7B-15906 SMITH, DELMON Taylor County
7B-16605 LONG, LAURA Brown County
7B-17350 LONG, LAURA "A" Brown County
7B-17462 PROPST Jones County
7B-18224 PROPST A Jones County
7B-18326 STUART Eastland County
7B-19076 JOHNSON, RICHARD Coleman County
7B-191149 XX RANCH Coleman County
7B-19283 DAVIS, R. C. Coleman County
7B-19919 GRAY Coleman County
7B-201381 XX RANCH Coleman County
7B-202403 XX RANCH Coleman County
7B-20383 VAUGHN, GARY M. "B" Coleman County
7B-20384 SOUTH, THOMAS L. Coleman County
7B-21816 MCCORD Runnels County
7B-23231 VAUGHN, GARY M. Coleman County
7B-24561 POE TRUST Jones County
7B-25832 SNELSON "122" Coleman County
7B-25981 DANIELS Coleman County
7B-26562 VAUGHN, GARY M. "A" Coleman County
7B-26986 PROPST Jones County
7B-27023 VAUGHN, GARY M. 'B' Coleman County
7B-27068 PROPST "B" Jones County
7B-27077 PROPST "C" Jones County
7B-27244 PROPST "D" Jones County
7B-27245 THOMPSON UNIT Jones County
7B-27320 PROPST "F" Jones County
7B-27400 PROPST "H" Jones County
7B-28324 HOLSTEIN ESTATE Shackelford County
7B-28607 COATES Coleman County
7B-28647 PROPST Jones County
7B-28744 WRIGHT Coleman County
7B-28855 HERRING, E. DALE Coleman County
7B-29325 THOMPSON Jones County
7B-29734 S.R.STANBERRY-1 Coleman County
7B-30272 LUCY GRAY Coleman County
7B-30274 LUCY GRAY Coleman County
7B-30569 MEI Coleman County
7B-30972 SHIELDS "A" Coleman County
7B-31814 ELLIS Coleman County
7C-079282 BRAGG, PERRY Runnels County
7C-095407 MCCORD, J. B. Runnels County
7C-098291 BREVARD-HALE Runnels County
7C-09981 MCCORD Runnels County
7C-10181 HERRING/ALLEN-121 Runnels County
7C-122685 HERRING 130 Runnels County
7C-123133 ALLCORN, ARTHUR Runnels County
7C-128475 ALLCORN, ARTHUR Runnels County
7C-149089 HOOTEN Runnels County
7C-151137 HOOTEN Runnels County
7C-18539 BROWN Runnels County
7C-18721 BROWN 'A' Runnels County

Drilling Permits Filed by Valley Petroleum Company