Chaparral Energy, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Chaparral Energy, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Chaparral Energy, L.L.C.
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Leases Operated by Chaparral Energy, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-132903 BORCHERS, VIVIAN Lavaca County
03-08145 GRANT, JOHN F. Matagorda County
03-09880 BOULDIN, FLORENCE V. -B- Matagorda County
03-12858 KIRBY-MCINNIS Tyler County
03-13464 MACHOVSKY -A- UNIT Burleson County
03-13507 KIRBY-MCINNIS Tyler County
03-15173 FINGER Brazoria County
03-17909 AGGIE SIGMA CHI Brazos County
03-18048 VALLEY RIDGE UNIT Brazos County
03-22256 ARCO FEE LJ Tyler County
03-23663 HAUSMANN Fayette County
04-147170 STATE TRACT 9 Aransas County
06-12609 LINER, WILLIE ANN Rusk County
06-12749 WILCOXSON-COATS Wood County
06-206054 HORNBUCKLE Wood County
08-00596 LE GROS Pecos County
08-02867 JONES, PERCY Howard County
08-02923 JONES, PERCY -B- Howard County
08-06217 ODANIEL -A- Howard County
08-106268 HILL, A. G - HALEY Loving County
08-117324 HALEY 38 Loving County
08-122523 HALEY "36" Loving County
08-20888 WEST GOLDSMITH UNIT Ector County
08-21311 JONES, PERCY, -A- Howard County
08-21871 ECTOR -AZ- FEE Ector County
08-220957 HALEY "36" Loving County
08-253836 BOWDLE ESTATE "47" Loving County
08-257542 BOWDLE ESTATE 47 Loving County
08-27983 UNIVERSITY -25- Crane County
08-31272 MENDEL -26- Pecos County
08-31440 PHOENIX GRAYBURG UNIT Martin County
08-37507 HACIENDA STATE Loving County
08-38521 HALEY Loving County
08-42304 JOHNSON 40 Loving County
08-42692 UNIVERSITY 25 Crane County
09-14722 THRASH Hardeman County
09-15231 EANES NORTH UNIT Montague County
09-16087 SIVELLS BEND /STRAWN/ UNIT Cooke County
09-19322 ROSE Cooke County
09-31894 SIZELOVE Cooke County
09-32041 STARNES TRUST Cooke County
10-02959 FARNSWORTH UNIT Ochiltree County
10-03022 R. H. F. /MORROW/ UNIT Ochiltree County
10-03740 NORTH PERRYTON UNIT Ochiltree County
10-04094 JACKSON, ROYAL Hansford County
10-07083 GRAMSTORFF (UPPER MORROW) Lipscomb County
10-07146 BOOKER-TROSPER (UPPER MORROW) Ochiltree County
10-08644 LAUBHAN 608 Lipscomb County
10-08929 HOOVER 1105 Ochiltree County
10-09162 WRIGHT 1099 Ochiltree County
10-09192 HARRISON 131 Ochiltree County
10-09287 THRASHER 126 Ochiltree County
10-09316 ACE 118 Ochiltree County
10-09328 WILD 1097 Ochiltree County
10-09341 DIETRICH 1101 Ochiltree County
10-09347 PERRY 1014 Ochiltree County
10-09393 PULLSHOT 1017 Ochiltree County
10-265977 WRIGHT 122 Hemphill County
10-269820 WRIGHT 122 Hemphill County
10-270658 DOYLE, J.B. Lipscomb County
10-270680 WRIGHT 122 Hemphill County
10-274292 DOYLE, J.B. Lipscomb County
10-275408 DOYLE, J.B. Lipscomb County
10-275828 DOYLE, J.B. Lipscomb County
7B-01779 HUDDLESTON -A- Fisher County
7B-04405 HUNT, C. O. Stonewall County
7B-158371 BROWN, R.J. Stephens County
7C-058392 MITCHELL G.K. Terrell County
7C-09522 TAYLOR Schleicher County
7C-10608 SHANNON "A" Crockett County
7C-13952 BOYLES Reagan County
7C-13953 SUGG-E- Reagan County
8A-01958 BINGHAM, M. K. "AB" Garza County
8A-05196 JONES, E. H. Gaines County
8A-15869 LINKER, VINNIE C. Hockley County
8A-62350 SEMINOLE, SE. (STRAWN) UNIT Gaines County
8A-62914 FRENCH, E. J. Cochran County
8A-68706 MORTON Gaines County
8A-69182 MESQUITE CREEK B Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Chaparral Energy, L.L.C.