Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.
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P O BOX 631

Leases Operated by Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-022740 JUDD, LEROY ET UX Sherman County
10-022764 BUTLER, PHILCO W. Ochiltree County
10-022982 PARSELL, HUGH F. Ochiltree County
10-02415 FLOWERS, W. H. Ochiltree County
10-02430 TRUAX, JEAN Ochiltree County
10-025274 WITHERBEE Moore County
10-02543 DICKINSON, CHARLES P., ETAL Ochiltree County
10-025489 ATCHESON Moore County
10-025581 MCNUTT Hutchinson County
10-025595 READ Moore County
10-025614 SCHLEE Moore County
10-02597 ALLEN, MARY JANE, ET AL Ochiltree County
10-02625 FRANTZ, LEWIS R. Ochiltree County
10-02648 DENNISON, ALLAN -A- Ochiltree County
10-02681 BETTY, JOHN F., ET AL Hansford County
10-028042 BARRICK Sherman County
10-028050 BRADLEY Sherman County
10-028087 FLORES Sherman County
10-028109 HILL ESTATE Sherman County
10-028110 HOBSON, H. D. Sherman County
10-028130 MEADOR, C. D., ET AL Sherman County
10-039414 PARKER, HARRY Lipscomb County
10-03998 VESTER SMITH Lipscomb County
10-040041 BRILLHART, S. L. Ochiltree County
10-04040 PARSELL, WARREN B. ETAL -F- Roberts County
10-04045 JARVIS BILLY & SONS INC ETAL Hemphill County
10-04053 LAMASTERS, WALTER B. ETAL Ochiltree County
10-04056 JARVIS, BILLY & SONS INC ETAL Hemphill County
10-04084 WRIGHT, MAY M. ETAL -F- Lipscomb County
10-04100 BROWN, CHARLES ET AL -A- Hemphill County
10-04128 HILL, GILBERT Lipscomb County
10-04185 HUTCHINSON, MILDRED Ochiltree County
10-04220 MCGARRAUGH, ET AL -E- Roberts County
10-04281 SHALLER, FRANK -E- Hemphill County
10-04329 SELL, KATIE ETAL "B" Lipscomb County
10-045433 MORRISON ETAL -F- Ochiltree County
10-045434 MORRISON ETAL -F- Ochiltree County
10-04579 BLANKINSHIP, NORMAN C. ET AL Roberts County
10-04589 REYNOLDS, WILEY ETAL "A" Roberts County
10-04602 BECKER, LEROY Lipscomb County
10-04654 REYNOLDS, WILEY ET AL "AA" Roberts County
10-047543 FRASS Hemphill County
10-047552 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK TR. -G- Lipscomb County
10-04756 DUKE, C. C. "D" Lipscomb County
10-04898 BORN ALEX ET AL "B" Lipscomb County
10-049647 BRAINARD, E. S. F. -M- Hemphill County
10-050774 ISAACS, DAVID QUENTIN SR. Hemphill County
10-05140 WAMBLE,R.E. ESTATE Ochiltree County
10-05457 FLOWERS, VERNON M. ESTATE "A" Roberts County
10-05459 FLOWERS, VERNON M. Roberts County
10-05460 FLOWERS, VERNON Roberts County
10-05461 FLOWERS, VERNON M. ESTATE "B" Roberts County
10-05534 VASHTI HOOVER GARVER Hemphill County
10-055597 BROWN, CHARLES E. ET AL "D" Hemphill County
10-05739 WHEELER, LYDIA M. Ochiltree County
10-059754 ODC Ochiltree County
10-060526 ISAACS, DAVID Q., SR. Hemphill County
10-06142 FLOWERS, W. H. Ochiltree County
10-06182 HERNDON, W. C. Ochiltree County
10-096801 SCHOENHALS, VALENTINE, ET AL -C- Lipscomb County
10-097169 FLOWERS, W. H. Ochiltree County
10-098831 ISAACS, DAVID QUENTIN SR -216- Hemphill County
10-100881 SHALLER, FRANK J. -F- Hemphill County
10-101517 PARKER, CLARENCE HENRY ET AL 616 Lipscomb County
10-107021 SCHOENHALS, VALENTINE -A- Lipscomb County
10-119314 BOISDORF, GENEVIEVE G. Ochiltree County
7B-05935 GRAHAM, C. H. ETAL Stonewall County
7B-06143 HALL, JAMES R. ETAL Stonewall County
7B-078927 DUNLAP Parker County
7B-085359 GREGORY, JAMES W. Parker County
7B-088256 WOSSUM, ORAN Parker County
7B-088919 BYERS GAS UNIT Parker County
7B-095878 CITY OF GORDON Palo Pinto County
7B-098190 FEUILLY,SADIE Parker County
7C-02124 WENDLAND, H. G. -A- Coke County
7C-114319 ASKEW Sutton County
7C-11442 ASKEW 49 Sutton County
7C-11535 BOND 77 Sutton County
7C-116324 ASKEW Sutton County
8A-63194 ANDERSON, DR. LESTER A. Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Diamond Shamrock Exploration Co.