Garrison LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Garrison LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by Garrison LTD.
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(210) 687-1900

Leases Operated by Garrison LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01674 ENGELKE, ALVIN Guadalupe County
01-01675 ENGELKE, VERNON Caldwell County
01-02713 WILLIE, HENRY -A- Guadalupe County
01-02719 MILLER, RAND TRACT 3 Guadalupe County
01-02720 TADLOCK, H. H., ETAL Guadalupe County
01-02721 FORSHAGE, ERWIN Guadalupe County
01-02735 BAKER, D. D. Guadalupe County
01-02738 DOWDY, MRS. A. E. -A- Guadalupe County
01-02741 MALAER Guadalupe County
01-02743 ROAMEL, P. "A" Guadalupe County
01-02744 WILLE, HENRY Guadalupe County
01-02747 TADLOCK, H. H., -B- Guadalupe County
01-02748 TADLOCK, A. U. -C- Guadalupe County
01-02763 ANDERSON, CERSEY Guadalupe County
01-02764 PARISH, R. A. Guadalupe County
01-02803 ROAMEL, P. "C" Guadalupe County
01-02822 DENMAN, G. M. Guadalupe County
01-02823 TADLOCK, A. U. -A- Guadalupe County
01-04041 RANFT, J. H. EST. Guadalupe County
01-04342 ROAMEL, P. "B" Guadalupe County
01-04515 ROBERTS, VIVIAN Guadalupe County
01-06255 ELLISON, WALTER Caldwell County
01-06454 LOVE, JOHN L. Caldwell County
01-07452 DENMAN, G.M. JR. Guadalupe County
01-07834 LOVE, JOHN L. -A- Caldwell County
01-08002 LOVE, JOHN Caldwell County
01-08494 WILLMAN, PAUL Guadalupe County
01-12399 LOVE, JOHN L. -C- Caldwell County
02-09140 MUSSELMAN DeWitt County
02-181644 GARRISON HOFFER Lavaca County
02-182022 HOFFER, GARRISON Lavaca County
02-182692 DUGAT, GARRISON Lavaca County
02-182693 KLIMITCHEK, GARRISON "A" Lavaca County
02-183616 HOFFER Lavaca County
02-183788 KLIMITCHEK "B" Lavaca County
02-184628 EVANS Lavaca County
02-185235 SADLER Lavaca County
02-186977 CHARLES Lavaca County
02-187505 EVANS Lavaca County
02-188178 CHARLES Lavaca County
02-194160 LEGACY Lavaca County
02-195339 LEGACY Lavaca County
02-205599 ANNE THOMAS DeWitt County
02-210286 FENNER "B" Wharton County
02-211091 MUSSELMAN DeWitt County
02-211740 DELEON DeWitt County
02-229727 SCHILHAB Jackson County
02-233330 O'BRIEN Bee County
02-244927 KOHUTEK Victoria County
02-245432 MAURITZ Jackson County
02-245572 UNION Lavaca County
02-248648 ALLEN Lavaca County
03-166319 MOORE, JESSIE Burleson County
03-174215 MCCLANAHAN Colorado County
03-174655 MATTHEWS Colorado County
03-174989 GARRISON - MAHALITC Colorado County
03-175529 GARRISON, MARY Colorado County
03-175532 ANDERSON Colorado County
03-175533 MATTHEWS-WHITE Colorado County
03-176636 JONES, GARRISON Colorado County
03-176688 JENKINS Colorado County
03-178237 MCCOLLOCH, GARRISON "A" Colorado County
03-178238 CRANZ, GARRISON Wharton County
03-178257 MCCOLLOCH, GARRISON "B" Colorado County
03-178865 STILES, GARRISON Colorado County
03-184603 MATTHEWS, SUE Colorado County
03-184759 CONCORD, COYLE "B" Colorado County
03-187342 SHERIDAN Colorado County
03-191091 BRISCOE Colorado County
03-193697 COYLE JOHNSTON Colorado County
03-194682 CUNNINGHAM Colorado County
03-194686 DUNCAN, C. Colorado County
03-195806 DUNCAN, C. Wharton County
03-231717 OYSTER Colorado County
03-233394 WHEATLEY Colorado County
03-235545 MOORE Fort Bend County
03-238192 WHEATLEY Colorado County
03-24653 COYLE CONCORD Colorado County
03-24812 BUNGE, GARRISON Colorado County
03-248269 STAFF Colorado County

Drilling Permits Filed by Garrison LTD.