Ginco Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ginco Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Ginco Operating Co.
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SAN ANTONIO, TX 78217-4802

Leases Operated by Ginco Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00541 BECK, K. L. Bexar County
01-00543 ADAM, C. A. Bexar County
01-00544 BREHM, A. C. Bexar County
01-00549 HALBARDIER, EDNA M. Bexar County
01-01643 ST. JOHN, S. Bexar County
01-01644 TICK, STEVE Bexar County
01-01646 WELLS, ED. Atascosa County
01-01647 WELLS, ED. M. -A- Atascosa County
01-02732 ECKOLS -C- Guadalupe County
01-03199 JOHNSON, T. C. Caldwell County
01-03208 LILLY -C- Frio County
01-03209 PARKER Frio County
01-03675 APPLING, C. F. /RABB/ Guadalupe County
01-03722 HALBARDIER, F. Bexar County
01-03737 PURCELL, C. E. Caldwell County
01-03745 REED-MACKEY Caldwell County
01-03878 MACKEY Guadalupe County
01-03880 EKLUND, CARL, -A- Caldwell County
01-03885 BAKER, TOM H.,-E- Guadalupe County
01-03887 YOUNG, J. M., -C- Caldwell County
01-05697 BOOTH, F. I. "D" Frio County
01-05710 COOKE, TRAVIS C. "B" Caldwell County
01-05726 SHINER RANCH "A" Frio County
01-05745 LYSSY, KENNETH Bexar County
01-06498 KLEMKE, FRED Bexar County
01-06683 BRAWLEY, F. Caldwell County
01-06695 MASSEY, MARVIN M. JR. Bexar County
01-06756 WEIR-RAMBIE Bexar County
01-06809 NENTWICH, HENRY Bexar County
01-06836 RODENBURG, ALTON T Caldwell County
01-07519 NOHRA Caldwell County
01-07816 REITZER, JOEL Bexar County
01-07945 ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR JR. Bexar County
01-08078 ROEGELEIN Bexar County
01-08186 CERVANTES, REYES E. ET UX Bexar County
01-08595 MILLER BROS. Atascosa County
01-09282 SAWYER, N.C. Bexar County
01-09393 KAPPMEYER Bexar County
01-09492 EPSTEIN-BALBOA -A- Bexar County
01-09821 FOSTER, GEORGE Atascosa County
01-10278 DAY, DAN ET AL Caldwell County
01-10490 WENDLANDT-MASSENGALE Caldwell County
01-10595 JAMES, THOMAS C. Caldwell County
01-10596 MCDONALD, MARTIN -A- Bastrop County
01-10598 SWIGART SWD Caldwell County
01-10613 ZIMMERELE, CLARA C. Medina County
01-10744 TRIMMER Atascosa County
01-10767 FAJITA UNIT Atascosa County
01-10774 ROBERTSON, HARRY Bexar County
01-10872 GUERRA, SOLOMON Bexar County
01-10873 CAMERO, FRANK Bexar County
01-10874 NICHOLS, LUCY Atascosa County
01-10875 NICHOLS, LUCY -A- Atascosa County
01-10876 CAMERO, FRANK -A- Bexar County
01-10978 BURSELL -A- Bexar County
01-10979 BURSELL -B- Bexar County
01-10982 COOPER -C- Atascosa County
01-10983 COOPER -F- Atascosa County
01-11064 TWIN VALLEY -E- UNIT Bexar County
01-11065 WIER-RAMBIE Bexar County
01-11067 WIEMERS Bexar County
01-11072 MOORE, RHEA ALLEN Bexar County
01-11191 OAK ISLAND -A- Bexar County
01-11192 SILVA -D- Bexar County
01-11194 MORGAN Bexar County
01-11204 THIEL, M.C. Bexar County
01-11378 ILTIS, MATHILDA Bexar County
01-11421 HUBBARD-HARBO Bexar County
01-11422 HUBBARD, WILLA-HARBO "1985" Bexar County
01-11429 KORUS OMEGA Bexar County
01-11443 VOGT Bexar County
01-11563 SPEARS Bexar County
01-11697 BOLDT TRACT -A- Bexar County
01-11871 BOLDT TRACT "B" Bexar County
01-11903 DELAFUENTE-TRENDA Bexar County
01-11908 BAKER TRACT -A- Bexar County
01-11957 VACEK, STEVE Atascosa County
01-13000 GARCIA Frio County
01-13245 GILLILAND I Frio County
01-13315 GILLILAND II Frio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ginco Operating Co.