Ginco Operating Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ginco Operating Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Ginco Operating Co.
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SAN ANTONIO, TX 78217-4802

Leases Operated by Ginco Operating Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01133 YOUNG, J. M. -A- Caldwell County
01-01173 MCDONALD, MARTIN Bastrop County
01-01228 CALTON, A. D. -B- Milam County
01-01503 HINDS, ADDIE ESTATE Caldwell County
01-02138 BURRELL, OTTO Medina County
01-02139 MOORE, S. H. Caldwell County
01-02182 PURCELL, C. E. "B" Caldwell County
01-02187 LARK -G- Live Oak County
01-02732 ECKOLS -C- Guadalupe County
01-03106 LAY, KATIE "A" Guadalupe County
01-03119 DOUGHERTY Medina County
01-03159 SHARP Guadalupe County
01-03166 RODENBERG, ANDREW J. Caldwell County
01-03594 TILLER, J. R. Caldwell County
01-03604 WRIGHT, GERTRUDE Caldwell County
01-03650 MITCHELL, J. C. Caldwell County
01-03654 DIX -C- Guadalupe County
01-03988 HARRIS Guadalupe County
01-04016 ZEDLER Guadalupe County
01-04183 WEBB, ERNEST Caldwell County
01-04202 YOUNG, J. M. -B- Caldwell County
01-06436 LONGORIA, THOS.,ET.UX. Bexar County
01-06458 FOWLER, IMA 'A' Atascosa County
01-06459 FOWLER, IMA -B- Atascosa County
01-06471 CHAPMAN, J. D. "A" Caldwell County
01-06498 KLEMKE, FRED Bexar County
01-06683 BRAWLEY, F. Caldwell County
01-06695 MASSEY, MARVIN M. JR. Bexar County
01-06756 WEIR-RAMBIE Bexar County
01-06809 NENTWICH, HENRY Bexar County
01-06836 RODENBURG, ALTON T Caldwell County
01-07519 NOHRA Caldwell County
01-07816 REITZER, JOEL Bexar County
01-07945 ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR JR. Bexar County
01-08078 ROEGELEIN Bexar County
01-08186 CERVANTES, REYES E. ET UX Bexar County
01-08595 MILLER BROS. Atascosa County
01-09282 SAWYER, N.C. Bexar County
01-09393 KAPPMEYER Bexar County
01-09429 WATSON, MARTIN Caldwell County
01-09492 EPSTEIN-BALBOA -A- Bexar County
01-09821 FOSTER, GEORGE Atascosa County
01-10278 DAY, DAN ET AL Caldwell County
01-10490 WENDLANDT-MASSENGALE Caldwell County
01-10595 JAMES, THOMAS C. Caldwell County
01-10767 FAJITA UNIT Atascosa County
01-10770 BONANZA Atascosa County
01-10774 ROBERTSON, HARRY Bexar County
01-10782 NICHOLS -B- Atascosa County
01-10786 ENGLISH-SPARKS UNIT Atascosa County
01-10787 HICKS, K.D. ET AL Atascosa County
01-10872 GUERRA, SOLOMON Bexar County
01-10873 CAMERO, FRANK Bexar County
01-10928 URIBE, ALICIA Bexar County
01-10930 HANSON, R.B. Bexar County
01-10934 GUTIERREZ, LEONIRES Bexar County
01-10997 GAYLE UNIT Bexar County
01-11007 GRIFFITH Bexar County
01-11008 KLEMCKE -B- Bexar County
01-11009 KLEMCKE -M- Bexar County
01-11090 RAMBIE Bexar County
01-11262 LUEDERS-PEGG UNIT Bexar County
01-11274 LEHMBERG Bexar County
01-11277 JENKINS, C. Bexar County
01-11278 PRATER, JOSEPH Atascosa County
01-11378 ILTIS, MATHILDA Bexar County
01-11467 MULLENS "GMK" Bexar County
01-11476 HUBBARD OMEGA "1985" Bexar County
01-11477 HUBBARD. VAS II Bexar County
01-11515 SAL-MAR -C- Bexar County
01-11563 SPEARS Bexar County
01-11697 BOLDT TRACT -A- Bexar County
01-12103 PEARSON, R.L. -A- Bastrop County
01-12153 KLOPEK, A. Frio County
01-12175 LONG, J.Y. Bexar County
01-12228 ALVARADO Bexar County
01-13807 SHINER RANCH 8 La Salle County
01-13844 RICHTER, ALEX & VERA Wilson County
01-13849 LAWLER, MAURICE NORTH Caldwell County
01-13860 BUERGER, LENA Frio County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ginco Operating Co.