Jenex Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Jenex Petroleum Corporation
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Leases Operated by Jenex Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00037 ROSENAUER, MATTIE Frio County
01-00038 SAUNDERS, SUSIE Frio County
01-00082 BAIN, T. W. Frio County
01-00083 BAKER, CHARLES Frio County
01-00088 BURNS, JANE Frio County
01-00089 BURNS, JANE -A- Frio County
01-00091 BURNS, JANE -C- Frio County
01-00096 OPPENHEIMER, JESSIE D. Atascosa County
01-00102 SCHELLER, H. A. Frio County
01-00107 THOMPSON, C. S. -A- Frio County
01-00108 THOMPSON, DENNIS Frio County
01-00111 THOMPSON, WEBB -B- Frio County
01-00118 BURNS, JANE Frio County
01-00122 ROCHE, LUCY Frio County
01-00123 THOMPSON, WEBB -B- Frio County
01-00801 BURNS, ELLA Atascosa County
01-00802 BURNS, JANE -B- Atascosa County
01-01364 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-01370 LITTLE, VIRGINIA L. Frio County
01-01905 FINCH, C. E. Atascosa County
01-02421 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-03380 BIG FOOT OLMOS B SAND UNIT Frio County
01-03939 ALLERKAMP, ERNEST E. Frio County
01-04373 BORDOVSKY, J. S. "A" Frio County
01-04431 KINAST, FRANK X. Zavala County
01-04586 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER -C- Frio County
01-04744 DAVIES, S. B. Frio County
01-05478 LAMMERTS La Salle County
01-05649 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-06251 ROCHE, LUCY Frio County
01-06374 MCDONALD Atascosa County
01-07022 DAVIES, S.B. ET AL Frio County
01-07560 MELMS ESTATE Frio County
01-08013 MELMS ESTATE Frio County
01-08905 MATTHEWS Atascosa County
01-09281 FOERSTER, PAUL Atascosa County
01-09572 HINDES Atascosa County
01-10028 CROUCH Atascosa County
01-111685 ALLERKAMP Frio County
01-114490 ALLERKAMP, ERNEST E. Frio County
01-11692 TITZMAN, TITIAN Wilson County
01-12427 STRIKER La Salle County
01-12716 OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-12896 HUGO-BAKER Frio County
01-13016 KIEFER Frio County
01-13331 LAMMERTS -A- La Salle County
01-13386 ALLERKAMP Frio County
01-13954 H & O Frio County
01-13964 PRUITT, E. J. D2 Atascosa County
01-13965 PRUITT, E.J. E5 Atascosa County
01-14047 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-14054 WARE, ALPHA Zavala County
01-14105 WEST JOURDANTON UNIT Atascosa County
01-14165 HALFF & OPPENHEIMER Frio County
01-144887 MARCEE Gonzales County
01-14516 ALLERKAMP, ERNEST E. Frio County
01-14885 BURNS, JANE A Frio County
01-14988 BIG FOOT OLMOS D SAND UNIT Frio County
01-15057 SAUNDERS, SUSIE D Frio County
01-158089 HODGES Bastrop County
01-18345 ALLERKAMP Frio County
02-135416 DLUGOSCH, PHILLIP DeWitt County
02-157781 WEISCHWILL DeWitt County
02-171003 RESPONDEK DeWitt County
02-171761 KORTH, MARY DeWitt County
02-186818 ALEX-MUELLER DeWitt County
03-159218 PICA INVESTMENT Hardin County
03-160814 THIEL UNIT Washington County
03-26850 PICA INVESTMENT Hardin County
04-101202 DUVAL COUNTY RANCH CO. Duval County
04-107688 KIRKPATRICK Webb County

Drilling Permits Filed by Jenex Petroleum Corporation