Ladd Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ladd Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Ladd Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Ladd Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05619 FITZSIMMONS Dimmit County
01-072358 EARNEST, W. A. Zavala County
01-07337 FITZSIMONS RANCH 25 Dimmit County
01-074048 CARRICO Frio County
01-092481 FITZSIMONS RANCH Dimmit County
01-110005 FITZSIMONS RANCH-DENTON Dimmit County
02-049438 HENDERSON-PICKERING Victoria County
02-05403 STATE TRACT 216 Calhoun County
02-076324 STATE TRACT 216 Calhoun County
02-077582 ROBERTSON, R. C. Lavaca County
02-086540 MAJORS Lavaca County
02-096483 TELTSCHICK, ET AL Lavaca County
03-083925 STATE TRACT 157 Galveston County
03-107542 HAWES, MRS G. R. Wharton County
03-107543 HAWES, MRS. G. R. Wharton County
03-108387 HENDERSON, PAUL Wharton County
03-108663 PIERCE ESTATE Wharton County
03-112248 PIERCE ESTATE Wharton County
03-115153 KAINER, L.A. ETAL Wharton County
03-119250 KAINER, ET AL Wharton County
03-119275 KAINER, ET AL Wharton County
03-121143 WITTIG, ET AL Wharton County
03-123780 WITTIG ET AL Wharton County
03-124968 CHALUPA, J Wharton County
03-125571 RAUN Wharton County
03-127667 MATZKE Wharton County
03-16007 SHEAN Liberty County
04-009547 CARRUTH, GOLDSTON -D- Starr County
04-013042 GARCIA, M. M., -I- Starr County
04-02844 CHERNOSKY Duval County
04-02858 SERNA, R., STATE Duval County
04-031780 CARRUTH, E. B., -C- Starr County
04-044938 CARRUTH, E. B., -C- Starr County
04-046771 CARRUTH, E. B. -D- Starr County
04-05905 CARRUTH, E. B. -C- Starr County
04-07322 CARRUTH, E. B. -C- Starr County
08-055344 GOMEZ SOUTH UNIT Pecos County
08-067135 LADD, R.L. BURNS-REGAN TRUST Reeves County
08-06755 UNIVERSITY LANDRUM Pecos County
08-073135 LADD-R. L. BURNS REGAN TRUST Reeves County
09-029262 BELL Parker County
09-029263 CAMPBELL Parker County
09-029266 KUTCH, ET AL Wise County
09-029268 ELAM Parker County
09-029271 STOVALL Parker County
10-05837 YOUNG Roberts County
10-05926 MCMORDIE Roberts County
10-06098 JONES Lipscomb County
10-109526 JAMES Ochiltree County
10-118886 FLOWERS Hansford County
10-126308 MCMAHAN Wheeler County
10-130947 MAY Wheeler County
7B-017376 CARR, H., -A- UNIT Parker County
7B-017378 CARR, H., -C- UNIT Parker County
7B-018441 DURHAM UNIT Parker County
7B-018443 CRAVEN, B. P. Parker County
7B-018444 WOODY -B- Parker County
7B-018453 SCOTT-WOODY Parker County
7B-018456 ANDERSON UNIT Parker County
7B-018458 CARR UNIT Parker County
7B-018464 HAMILTON Parker County
7B-018465 LINEHAN, W. C. Parker County
7B-018466 MCDANIEL Parker County
7B-018468 BLAIR, WOODY Parker County
7B-018469 DAVIS, SAM UNIT Parker County
7B-018471 STANLEY Parker County
7B-018486 DARNELL, GUS Parker County
7B-018487 HARWELL Parker County
7B-022996 TAYLOR Palo Pinto County
7B-19151 WATSON, I "A" Throckmorton County
7B-19152 MCNUTT "A" Throckmorton County
7C-074020 MONTGOMERY CC 2 Crockett County
7C-07416 CHILDRESS CRYSTELLE Crockett County
7C-07967 BEAN "B" Crockett County
7C-09250 ROBERTSON "C" Crockett County
7C-102027 MONTGOMERY, C. C. Crockett County
7C-10357 MONTGOMERY, C. C. Crockett County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ladd Petroleum Corp.