Offspring Well Salvage Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Offspring Well Salvage
Map of Wells Operated by Offspring Well Salvage
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8410 US HWY 90 A EAST

Leases Operated by Offspring Well Salvage

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-02895 ROUGEOU UNIT Caldwell County
01-02941 HURLEY, GLENN Caldwell County
01-03060 MILES ADDITION UNIT Caldwell County
01-03071 COPELAND UNIT Caldwell County
01-03073 FORD MOTOR CO. UNIT Caldwell County
01-03074 RUBOTTOM, ETAL, UNIT Caldwell County
01-03075 STANFIELD, ETAL, UNIT Caldwell County
01-03079 WATSON UNIT Caldwell County
01-04506 H-OIL COMPANY Caldwell County
01-06006 GARCIA, JAMES Guadalupe County
01-06064 BOOTHE FARMS Gonzales County
01-06958 DAVIS, RUTH DAKIN Frio County
01-07124 STYLES, HERMAN Caldwell County
01-07403 COWEY, J. M. Gonzales County
01-07882 BASSETT UNIT Caldwell County
01-088034 H & F PROPERTIES "E" Zavala County
01-088035 H & F PROPERTIES "E" Zavala County
01-093414 H & F PROPERTIES "C" Zavala County
01-09618 FOWLER Caldwell County
01-107381 H & F PROPERTIES "E" Zavala County
01-12001 MCDONALD, W.M. Frio County
01-12432 DAVIS, RUTH Frio County
01-12462 HARRIS, J.W. -C- Frio County
01-12479 HARRIS, J.W. -A- Frio County
01-12578 H&F PROPERTIES "CE" UNIT Zavala County
01-12689 MCDONALD Frio County
01-12768 BENNETT BROS. Frio County
01-12848 HAWKINS -A- Frio County
01-12851 POLOCEK ET AL Frio County
01-12905 MCDONALD -A- Frio County
01-13128 SHUHART, D. V. JR. Wilson County
01-13167 BRUNS-MILLER UNIT Gonzales County
01-13221 MARTIN Guadalupe County
01-13293 HARRIS, FREDERICK La Salle County
01-13365 MARTIN/BOOTH UNIT Guadalupe County
01-13431 HILL Gonzales County
01-13503 DAVENPORT UNIT Guadalupe County
01-13524 SCULL-SHAW ET AL UNIT Wilson County
01-13579 SHUHART-MUELLER ET AL UNIT Wilson County
01-13841 GARCIA, JAMES V. Guadalupe County
01-144887 MARCEE Gonzales County
02-104466 PEREIRA Goliad County
03-20495 JENKINS, TOM Chambers County
03-22375 CANNON, GEORGE H. ET. AL. Brazoria County
04-091141 SMITH, F.D. San Patricio County
04-11258 SMITH, F. D. -B- San Patricio County
04-127261 SMITH, F.D. -C- San Patricio County
04-129184 SMITH, F.D. San Patricio County
04-153987 WEBB, PATRICIA F. San Patricio County
06-107811 CAMERON "A" Angelina County
08-22539 TXL-B Reeves County

Drilling Permits Filed by Offspring Well Salvage