Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Abilene Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Abilene
Map of Wells Operated by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Abilene
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 2880
DALLAS, TX 75221-2880

Leases Operated by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Abilene

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-26472 DOCKREY, J. O. JR. Mitchell County
08-26585 MCCABE, V. T. Mitchell County
08-26715 ELWOOD, W. L. TRUST -B- Mitchell County
08-26717 NAIL, JAMES H. JR. TRUSTEE -A- Mitchell County
08-26803 ANDERSON, B. -A- Mitchell County
08-27169 BEATRICE ANDERSON Coke County
08-27987 MCCABE, J. F. -C- Mitchell County
08-28199 WILSON, M. J. Mitchell County
09-24547 TUCKER Baylor County
09-24809 J.B. EVANS Jack County
09-24988 SNUGGS, FRED Cooke County
09-25304 KINCAID, ROBERT Foard County
09-27234 MCRAE, SARAH Grayson County
7B-01545 PERKINS, C. L. Eastland County
7B-01553 BISHOP, J. M. Eastland County
7B-01556 DAVIS, JULIA Eastland County
7B-02857 STATE OF TEXAS -C- Stonewall County
7B-030357 NORTH CENTRAL RANGER UNIT Eastland County
7B-030358 NORTH CENTRAL RANGER UNIT Eastland County
7B-030359 NORTH CENTRAL RANGER UNIT Eastland County
7B-030360 NORTH CENTRAL RANGER UNIT Eastland County
7B-032825 NORTHWEST RANGER UNIT Eastland County
7B-03723 WALKER-CALDWELL "A" UNIT Stephens County
7B-072618 CALDWELL, C. M. Stephens County
7B-07407 CROUCH Haskell County
7B-078290 CALDWELL, C. M. Stephens County
7B-079038 TAYLOR, G. W. Stephens County
7B-079383 DELANO, O.H. Eastland County
7B-081675 W.C. GARDNER, ET AL UNIT Eastland County
7B-083020 A S VEALE C Stephens County
7B-10800 COURT, THOMAS Palo Pinto County
7B-108062 MCMILLAN,J.T. "B" Erath County
7B-10929 GENOWAY Eastland County
7B-11138 WOODALL, KITTIE Fisher County
7B-112538 GRIFFIN, J. M. Eastland County
7B-113452 ROBERTSON CSL Eastland County
7B-113523 HOGTOWN-MOORE UNIT Eastland County
7B-113906 HOGTOWN-MOORE UNIT Eastland County
7B-120963 INDIANOLA RAILROAD Erath County
7B-12163 SHELTON 229 Taylor County
7B-12170 BISHOP, L.R. -A- Taylor County
7B-12202 WALKER, J.O. Taylor County
7B-12221 LAIL ESTATE Taylor County
7B-122322 INDIANOLA 23 Erath County
7B-13493 NASH T.J. Eastland County
7B-13611 SHAFFER "A" Taylor County
7B-13643 WEBB, H.H. "153" Taylor County
7B-13712 GRICE Eastland County
7B-13748 HARPER R.E. Eastland County
7B-13906 DAVIS E. S. "B" Eastland County
7B-13933 LANGFORD, A. F. "A" Stephens County
7B-16727 MOORE HAROLD M ET AL UNIT Nolan County
7B-16842 ALLMAN CHAS Eastland County
7B-17256 PRUET, R. Eastland County
7B-17440 WITHERS, GERTRUDE "A" Nolan County
7B-17602 HANKS, E.R. Eastland County
7B-17668 BOOTHE, W.L. Nolan County
7B-17751 NEAL UNIT Eastland County
7B-20600 LAIL "151" Taylor County
7B-20601 DIX - YOUNG UNIT Fisher County
7B-20618 DAVENPORT, B. P. Eastland County
7B-20648 EVA H. DAVENPORT Eastland County
7B-20659 RICHARDSON, S. W. Eastland County
7B-20831 PATTERSON "355" Stonewall County
7B-20980 CHRISTMAS-STATE UNIT Eastland County
7B-22760 DAVIS, VEDA Eastland County
7B-22783 GRIMSHAW, J.R. Eastland County
7B-22784 RIDDLE, D.F. Eastland County
7B-22866 JORDAN RANCH "K" Nolan County
7B-22871 LEWIS, R.G. Eastland County
7B-22988 PEEPLES, P.L. Eastland County
7B-23175 CLARK, L.E. Eastland County
7C-067123 JAMESON, H. H. Coke County
7C-069729 JAMESON, FRED Coke County
7C-072286 HALL, FLORENCE Concho County
8A-15844 WALLACE, BILBY, -S- Kent County
8A-16104 WALLACE, MARY B. Kent County
8A-16572 JOHNSON OIL UNIT Kent County
8A-60806 SWENSON, S. M. & SONS -B- Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Sun Expl. & Prod. Co.-Abilene