Tenneco Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tenneco Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Tenneco Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Tenneco Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-003286 BECK, MAGNUS UNIT #1 Bee County
02-003750 BASS, M. F., -A- Victoria County
02-003756 BASS, ORIAN Victoria County
02-003768 TYNG, GEORGE MCA. Victoria County
02-003769 WHITTE, E., ET AL Victoria County
02-003770 URBAN, VICTOR Victoria County
02-050032 WELDER, P. H. -C- Calhoun County
02-050424 COOK, J. G. Calhoun County
02-050574 WELDER, P. H. -C- Calhoun County
02-050663 WELDER, P. H. -C- Calhoun County
02-052157 WELDER, P. H. -C- Calhoun County
02-052487 BLACKBURN, J. Goliad County
03-02136 RICE INSTITUTE -C- Tyler County
03-02143 READ, W. J. -B- Tyler County
03-02144 RICE INSTITUTE -C- Tyler County
03-02329 PHOENIX DEV. CO. Liberty County
03-041432 TRULL, B. W. Matagorda County
04-010920 SLICK, T. B., ESTATE Starr County
04-010921 SLICK, T. B., ESTATE Starr County
04-011595 RAMOS, J. Hidalgo County
04-011899 KEIRN, PEARL, UNIT Hidalgo County
04-011900 MCALLEN FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-012195 WINFIELD, C. F., UNIT Hidalgo County
04-012512 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-012515 EVANS, CARL Hidalgo County
04-012516 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-012517 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-012520 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-030690 SLICK, T. B., ESTATE Starr County
04-030966 PHARR FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-031523 STATE SLICK -C- Starr County
04-03223 M.S.T. KENEDY "A" Nueces County
04-03238 BLACKNALL, J. C., UNIT Nueces County
04-033035 ESPARZA, PABLO, ET AL UNIT Hidalgo County
04-041820 BRUNI I Webb County
04-042128 MCALLEN FIELDWIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-042129 ESPARZA, PABLO, UNIT Hidalgo County
04-042284 KENEDY "C" Nueces County
04-044078 PHARR FIELD WIDE UNIT Hidalgo County
04-044325 WOODS, CHRISTIAN Hidalgo County
04-059226 SLICK, T. B. ESTATE -A- Starr County
04-05955 SLICK ESTATE UNIT 1 -A- Starr County
04-059576 STATE SLICK -C- Starr County
04-05979 STATE-SLICK -C- Starr County
04-06117 SLICK, T. B., EST. Starr County
04-081086 SLICK, T.B., ESTATE Starr County
04-081201 EAST SIDE BLOCK UNIT Nueces County
04-081463 STATE SLICK "C" Starr County
04-085320 T. B. SLICK ESTATE Starr County
04-085828 MCALLEN FWU Hidalgo County
06-00042 GULLEY, MARVIN Panola County
06-015768 GULLEY, MARVIN Panola County
06-015769 GULLEY, MIDYETT UNIT Panola County
06-015770 ROBINSON, BLANCHE Panola County
06-015974 MEADOWS, MATTIE GUNN, UNIT Gregg County
06-03590 NORRIS ESTATE -B- Gregg County
06-036676 ADAMS, T. C., -C- Panola County
06-036779 PILOT, DAVID GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-03756 MOORE, R. M., -A- Anderson County
06-038721 LAWLESS UNIT Panola County
08-079297 MENDEL ESTATE Pecos County
08-084585 MENDEL ESTATE Pecos County
08-088077 MENDEL ESTATE Pecos County
08-08900 FASKEN Andrews County
08-090632 ANDERSON, O. P. Ward County
10-04523 LEDRICK RANCH Roberts County
10-04553 PAYNE Roberts County
10-05723 MORRISON Roberts County
10-05929 MCMORDIE "1-13" Roberts County
10-074720 CHAMBERS Roberts County
8A-05003 CRUTCHFIELD, F. A. Yoakum County
8A-05004 DEFORD, R. K. Terry County
8A-05006 JONES, J.T. Terry County
8A-05007 MAY, TOM Yoakum County
8A-05008 TOWNES, C. B., -A- Terry County
8A-62133 TATE, B. R. ET AL Lynn County
8A-62176 JONES, E. H. -B- Gaines County
8A-63144 BRANCH "C" Gaines County
8A-63195 CLAYTON-JOHNSON Borden County
8A-63224 BRANCH "B" Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tenneco Oil Co.