Dry Creek Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dry Creek Operating, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Dry Creek Operating, LLC
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STE 124-386


Leases Operated by Dry Creek Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
05-00262 BENTON Navarro County
05-00263 BLACKBURN Navarro County
05-00274 GIBSON Navarro County
05-00284 KERR 1 & 2 Navarro County
05-00289 MCKINNEY Navarro County
05-00293 MIRUS, SOUTH Navarro County
05-00295 WORTHEY, J. A. Navarro County
05-00296 MUNSEY & MUNSEY Navarro County
05-00309 WRIGHT, J. J. W. & H. Navarro County
05-00310 WRIGHT -A- Navarro County
05-00776 HILL, GILLETTE Navarro County
05-01407 CHAPMAN -C- Navarro County
05-01414 FLEMING -A- Navarro County
05-01430 BOUNDS, REX T. Navarro County
09-01637 HENDERSON, H. Clay County
09-03771 BLOODWORTH, H. R. Jack County
09-206851 INGLISH Cooke County
09-207515 KEW-CRANDALL Cooke County
09-209653 CRANDALL Cooke County
09-209654 MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-221082 CRAIG-MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-224893 INGLISH SISTERS Cooke County
09-224897 CRAIG-MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-248918 INGLISH Cooke County
09-254462 NOBLES Wise County
09-274435 INGLISH SISTERS Cooke County
09-274436 INGLISH SISTERS Cooke County
09-276784 BOYD Cooke County
09-276794 INGLISH Cooke County
09-276804 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-276832 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-277016 INGLISH Cooke County
09-277017 INGLISH Cooke County
09-277018 INGLISH Cooke County
09-277030 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-277058 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-277059 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-277979 INGLISH Cooke County
09-278697 INGLISH SISTERS Cooke County
09-278698 INGLISH SISTERS Cooke County
09-291040 CRAIG-MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-30155 BLOODWORTH A Jack County
09-30252 BETSY Montague County
09-30263 JAN LEE Cooke County
09-30315 BETSY A Montague County
09-30817 INGLISH D Cooke County
09-30821 CRAIG-MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-31012 EILENE Montague County
09-31499 MUNCASTER Cooke County
09-33570 BOWEN Jack County
09-33747 HILBURN Jack County
09-33750 LEONARD PHILLIPS Clay County
09-34168 SOUTH BRISCOE Jack County
09-34217 HENDERSON Clay County
09-34232 HENDERSON Clay County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dry Creek Operating, LLC