Embassy Well Service, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Embassy Well Service, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Embassy Well Service, LLC
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P O BOX 117498

Leases Operated by Embassy Well Service, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05966 MOSIER, A. T. Caldwell County
05-02135 LEE, MARK B. Red River County
06-05079 RAPPE, EDITH Wood County
06-05221 BLALOCK, JOHN R. HEIRS Wood County
06-05535 HOWARD, HALLIE OIL UNIT Wood County
06-05584 EAST TRIX - LIZ UNIT Titus County
06-10075 HAYS, OREN Rusk County
06-10290 HEDGE, IMOGENE Rusk County
06-10372 MOSLEY, L. Wood County
06-10440 ROBINSON Wood County
06-10441 EDWARDS Wood County
06-10952 RIVES, J. B. JR. Rusk County
06-13731 ZIEGLER-OLDS Wood County
06-13811 FARRIS Wood County
06-14227 MOSELEY Wood County
06-14679 KANGERGA, MICHAEL ET AL Rusk County
6E-06018 CONTL. STATE BANK Gregg County
6E-06027 SMITH, S. G. (P-H) Gregg County
6E-06132 MCKINLEY -A- Gregg County
6E-06163 THRASH, A. Rusk County
6E-06172 WELLS, DORA Gregg County
6E-06216 ALEXANDER, HUGH, R/A -B- Rusk County
6E-06252 ANDERSON, TAYLOR Gregg County
6E-06277 ALFORD, E. B. -F- Rusk County
6E-06412 BOLTON Gregg County
6E-06415 SMITH, S. G. Gregg County
6E-06441 BUTTS, SAVANNAH Rusk County
6E-06442 KENNEDY, WEBB Rusk County
6E-06443 BRADY, MARY KENNEDY ET AL Rusk County
6E-06444 MONTGOMERY, EMMA Rusk County
6E-06524 KANGERGA Rusk County
6E-06581 SHAW, J. M. Rusk County
6E-06660 DEASON-F Rusk County
6E-06663 DEASON -C- Rusk County
6E-06784 DICKSON, C. M. Gregg County
6E-06865 PETERSON, NEAL Rusk County
6E-06900 PINKSTON, L.J. Rusk County
6E-07002 ROBERSON, J. T. & W. E. Rusk County
6E-07068 POOL, RAS 'A' Rusk County
6E-07329 BURTON, H. C. Rusk County
6E-07453 DICKSON, C. M. -A- Gregg County
6E-07487 ALEXANDER, HUGH, R/A -A- Rusk County
6E-07590 PETERSON, D. M. Gregg County
6E-07594 POOL, RAS Rusk County
6E-07595 POST OAK SCHOOL Gregg County
6E-07859 MAYFIELD Rusk County
6E-07900 GOYNE, W. B. Gregg County
6E-07932 BIVINS, M. H. -A- Gregg County
6E-07956 GILES, C. C. & J. E. Rusk County
6E-08068 MORSE, L. B. Rusk County
6E-08071 THOMPSON, M. L. -B- Rusk County
6E-08119 DAVIS, C. E. Gregg County
6E-08127 FOSTER, H. L. Gregg County
6E-08155 MITCHELL, ED. Gregg County
6E-08219 LATHROP Gregg County
6E-08248 MASON, R. G. Rusk County
6E-08504 WOOLEY Rusk County
6E-08569 SABINE RIVER BED TRACT 8-70 AC. Gregg County
6E-08665 MAYFIELD-ALFORD 'A' Rusk County
6E-08687 MAYFIELD-ALFORD "B" (FALCON) Rusk County
6E-08691 MASON, FULLER Rusk County
6E-08693 MT. LYDIA Rusk County
6E-08720 BOLTON, M.S. Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Embassy Well Service, LLC