Grace Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Grace Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Grace Petroleum Corp.
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2 W 2ND ST
TULSA, OK 74103

Leases Operated by Grace Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-094293 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
02-100334 BENNETT, L.L. ET AL GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-106714 STANLEY PAWLIK GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-109270 JANSSEN GAS UNIT Live Oak County
02-111264 NELSON, C. S. Live Oak County
02-118124 JANSSEN GAS UNIT Live Oak County
04-083858 STELZIG-ZWERNEMAN "A" Jim Wells County
04-084449 STELZIG-ZWERNEMAN "B" Jim Wells County
04-086015 FREEBORN, SIDNEY ET AL Jim Wells County
05-02591 CARSON ESTATE Henderson County
05-03282 MAYFIELD Henderson County
05-071202 TEAGUE WEST GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-076372 BARNARD GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-082023 MCMICHAEL "A" Freestone County
05-082303 RAWLS Freestone County
05-084484 WILLIAMS, LORENE D. Freestone County
05-097615 CARLTON GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-102480 RAWLS Freestone County
05-104480 DOUGLAS Limestone County
05-111930 CARLTON GAS UNIT Limestone County
05-114075 WILLIAMS, L.D. GAS UNIT 1 Freestone County
05-114976 DOUGLAS Limestone County
05-120135 HUNT, VIRGINIA Limestone County
05-127534 MCASHAN GAS UNIT Leon County
05-130172 FULLEN Leon County
05-131097 MCASHAN Leon County
05-131550 VARIBUS Freestone County
05-135488 VARIBUS Leon County
05-136005 HUNTER GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-136009 VARIBUS Leon County
05-136061 MCASHAN GAS UNIT Leon County
05-136459 VARIBUS Leon County
05-140089 HUNTER GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-143557 ROY, LEE "A" Freestone County
06-060613 ROBERTS GAS UNIT Panola County
06-074228 ARCO NO. 1 Shelby County
06-076760 BROWNING, H.D. Panola County
06-078719 ARCO NO. 2 Shelby County
06-081956 CHADWICK Panola County
06-098678 IRWIN, BEN UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-101575 IRWIN -A- Nacogdoches County
06-123383 FURRH, J.M. ESTATE Panola County
06-125740 CHADWICK GAS UNIT-MCLENDON Panola County
06-12723 HITTS LAKE OIL UNIT Smith County
06-12766 TYLER STATE PARK "C" Smith County
06-137638 ROBERTS GAS UNIT Panola County
06-140347 ROBERTS GAS UNIT Panola County
06-141697 GRAVES Shelby County
08-22718 UNIVERSITY LANDS BLOCK 31 Crane County
08-27590 BURNER Reeves County
08-28164 GRACE Reeves County
08-28193 BRO SELTZER Reeves County
08-28446 BURNER, JESS Reeves County
09-060649 BORING, GEORGE W. Wise County
09-060650 NEWBERRY Wise County
09-061568 FULLINGIM, H. R. Wise County
09-06858 MORGAN-BERRY Wilbarger County
09-069537 PIPES, BERT Wise County
09-069648 CATO, GAYLORD Wise County
09-070103 MOORE, A. S. ESTATE Wise County
09-071013 GAGE, TRACI Wise County
09-072489 NOBLES, ANN Wise County
09-072721 ROGERS, WENDELL Wise County
09-073168 MCENTIRE Wise County
09-074103 SPAIN, MAGGIE "A" Wise County
09-074104 WALLACE, FRANK Wise County
09-074105 MILLER, PAT "A" Wise County
09-074367 LONG, TOM Wise County
09-075188 RUTLEDGE, J. Wise County
09-079757 AYERS "A" Wise County
09-19729 LOWRANCE, BRUCE Wise County
09-24077 SHANKLES, J. M. Grayson County
10-022272 PEELER Dallam County
10-03595 HILL Lipscomb County
10-058710 HARBOUR Hutchinson County
10-059780 LACKEY Hansford County
7C-05153 UNIVERSITY 8 Reagan County
7C-055377 BROOKS Irion County
7C-060264 BROOKS Irion County
7C-061388 ROBINSON, MARY -A- Schleicher County

Drilling Permits Filed by Grace Petroleum Corp.