Moncrief, W. A., Jr. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Moncrief, W. A., Jr.
Map of Wells Operated by Moncrief, W. A., Jr.
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Leases Operated by Moncrief, W. A., Jr.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-00910 DUNN -A- Montgomery County
03-00911 DUNN -B- Montgomery County
03-045474 DUNN, J. R., -A- Montgomery County
03-049364 FALVEY Montgomery County
05-070756 FORTSON Limestone County
06-032922 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-039259 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-047439 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-049217 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-054452 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-054929 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-060135 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Franklin County
06-060136 MONCRIEF-WESTLAND UNIT Hopkins County
08-00823 WIGHT, L. E. Ector County
08-019758 HENDRICK, T. J. & IDA Winkler County
08-019815 HENDRICK, T. J. & IDA Winkler County
08-058137 UNIVERSITY 21-47 Winkler County
08-073172 KNIGHT Pecos County
08-08584 CONNELL, W. E. Crane County
08-08999 CONNELL, W. E. -2- Crane County
08-10709 BIRDSONG Pecos County
08-10896 KNIGHT Pecos County
08-11314 BIRDSONG Pecos County
08-11886 SCOTT Pecos County
08-15015 STATE OF TEXAS Upton County
08-26973 WIGHT, L. E. Ector County
08-32442 KNIGHT Pecos County
09-15107 FARGO EAST UNIT Wilbarger County
6E-07909 MCPHERSON, D. B. Gregg County
7B-02515 AMERSON, C. P. Jones County
7B-062969 LIPSCOMB Parker County
7B-063292 GRIFFIN Parker County
7B-063298 WINSTON Parker County
7B-063299 BROWN Parker County
7B-063300 BROWN Parker County
7B-063301 WILEY Parker County
7B-063302 WILEY Parker County
7B-063318 CLEMENS Parker County
7B-063319 LIPSCOMB Parker County
7B-064659 WINSTON Parker County
7B-064806 WINSTON Parker County
7B-064807 WINSTON Parker County
7B-064872 WINSTON Parker County
7B-071401 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-072734 J. M. RANCH Parker County
7B-072866 GROCE, CHARLES Parker County
7B-072867 TRIGG, A. E. Parker County
7B-073000 LIPSCOMB Parker County
7B-073063 WORTHINGTON Parker County
7B-074115 WINSTON Parker County
7B-075261 TRIGG Parker County
7B-075385 WINSTEAD Parker County
7B-075746 EDWARDS, C. J. Parker County
7B-077000 GRANT Parker County
7B-077058 BERRY Parker County
7B-077282 EDWARDS, DORIS H. Parker County
7B-077283 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-077284 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-078217 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-078286 J. M. RANCH Parker County
7B-078353 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-082655 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-082661 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-08340 GOMER, TENNIE E. Taylor County
7B-083530 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-084371 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-085215 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-085311 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-086612 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-093729 M.L.M. Parker County
7B-09558 LANDERS, A. V. Taylor County
7B-10008 KENDALL -A- Taylor County
7B-117433 BUCKNER UNIT Parker County
7B-120114 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
7B-120115 MONCRIEF RANCH Parker County
8A-042229 MASTEN, F. O. Cochran County
8A-048690 MASTEN, F. O. Cochran County
8A-049181 POLVADO, E. L. Cochran County
8A-15607 JONES "U" Gaines County
8A-65112 MASTEN, F. O. Cochran County

Drilling Permits Filed by Moncrief, W. A., Jr.