Seelye, William L. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Seelye, William L.
Map of Wells Operated by Seelye, William L.
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PLANO, TX 75024

Leases Operated by Seelye, William L.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-210537 AHERN, MARY O. Cass County
09-00105 ANARENE -B- Archer County
09-00106 ANARENE "A" Archer County
09-00130 FERGUSON, W. P. Archer County
09-00286 ARNOLD, C. S. Archer County
09-00287 GREEN, MARY Archer County
09-00438 GREEN, F. C. -K- Archer County
09-01525 SANER, J. C. -A- Clay County
09-01966 CAMPBELL, W. H. Cooke County
09-01998 KOESLER, MARY Cooke County
09-05277 LOVE HEIRS Wichita County
09-06139 JONES, O. M. Wichita County
09-09601 STORMER, E. T. -B- Cooke County
09-09664 LUKE, F. L. -B- LEASE Cooke County
09-09775 BAYER, M. B. -B- Cooke County
09-10418 GREEN, F. C. Archer County
09-10824 BAYER, M. Cooke County
09-11675 JENNINGS, G. A., -AA- Archer County
09-11686 TAYLOR, W. H. EST. -B- Archer County
09-12341 TAYLOR, W. H., EST. Archer County
09-12478 HOLT SAND UNIT Montague County
09-14225 TAYLOR -C- Archer County
09-15162 STERRETT Archer County
09-15297 RAIMEY-PARKEY Archer County
09-15814 ROHMER, ALOIS Cooke County
09-17097 JENNINGS, G. A. -BB- Archer County
09-18024 ANDREWS, B. C. Archer County
09-18584 LUKE, F. L. -A- LEASE Cooke County
09-18957 HOLT, D.T. -A- Montague County
09-19055 BAYER, M. B. Cooke County
09-19826 EDMONDSON -A- Montague County
09-19886 EDMONDSON ESTATE Montague County
09-20896 STERRETT (DEEP) Archer County
09-24230 BLACKWELL Wichita County
09-25938 FERGUSON "B" Archer County
09-28341 ANDREWS. B.C. -A- Archer County
09-30408 SAUNDERS Wichita County
8A-61962 GIBSON, MERRICK King County

Drilling Permits Filed by Seelye, William L.