Singleton, W. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Singleton, W.
Map of Wells Operated by Singleton, W.
Contact Information
Company Name:

HC 74 BOX 1260
GRAHAM, TX 76450

Leases Operated by Singleton, W.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-09545 MOBILE MINERALS ESTATE La Salle County
09-03526 BOOTH, G. C. -B- Jack County
09-07235 YOUNG CO. LBR. COMPANY Young County
09-101360 RICHARDS, W.L. Jack County
09-109392 CHESTNUT Young County
09-14737 UPHAM Young County
09-15887 BARRETT, B. F. Young County
09-17422 VICK Young County
09-18392 PENIX Young County
09-18508 SENTERS Young County
09-19627 HRNCIRIK Archer County
09-21312 LAUSTER -A- Archer County
09-23553 CHESTNUT Young County
09-24362 WHITSITT-FOWLER "B" Jack County
7B-059863 LAMKIN Parker County
7B-085793 FEATHERSTON, BAXTER Coleman County
7B-093271 BAXTER FEATHERSTON Coleman County
7B-093272 BAXTER FEATHERSTON Coleman County
7B-093273 BAXTER FEASTERSTON Coleman County
7B-093274 BAXTER FEATHERSTON Coleman County
7B-101959 FEATHERSTON, BAXTER Coleman County
7B-102158 MILLER RANCH ONE "B" Coleman County
7B-103331 MILLER RANCH ONE "B" Coleman County
7B-15971 MILLER RANCH ONE "A" Coleman County
7B-16759 PUCKETT "D" Stephens County
7B-16782 PUCKETT "D" Stephens County
7B-16872 MILLER RANCH ONE "B" Coleman County
7B-17524 BUCHANAN, E.T. Jones County
7C-07941 MCCORD, J. B. Coleman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Singleton, W.