Tana Oil & Gas Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Tana Oil & Gas Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Tana Oil & Gas Corporation
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IRVING, TX 75039

Leases Operated by Tana Oil & Gas Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05010 NEUMANN, ALFRED H. Frio County
01-05486 STARR, JAMES DALTON Frio County
01-05519 STACY, WESLEY E. Frio County
01-065005 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE La Salle County
01-098856 SOUTH TEXAS SYNDICATE McMullen County
01-124241 SPICE GAS UNIT McMullen County
01-125088 YEAGER McMullen County
01-129116 SPICE GAS UNIT McMullen County
02-065987 COOK FIELD GAS UNIT 2 DeWitt County
02-066515 SOUTH COOK FIELD GAS UNIT #1 DeWitt County
02-066657 VAUGHN, ANNIE MARIE DeWitt County
02-085775 HOLM-STATE Live Oak County
02-086349 HOLM-STATE Live Oak County
02-092329 CLAY WEST BURNS Live Oak County
02-093297 CLAY WEST BURNS Live Oak County
02-095008 EL PASO NATURAL GAS Live Oak County
02-103098 WILLIAMS Live Oak County
02-112797 BOONE, THOMAS ET AL Jackson County
02-120171 BURNS, CLAY WEST Live Oak County
02-124304 LENNOX Live Oak County
02-126104 MCCLUNG Jackson County
02-127481 CLAY WEST BURNS Live Oak County
04-053612 GARNER, J. N. Webb County
04-059762 MARTIN-VOL2 -B- Webb County
04-060069 MARTIN-VOLZ -79- Webb County
04-060070 MARTIN-VOLZ -50- Webb County
04-060071 MIDDLETON, TRIPHENE ET AL Webb County
04-061720 MARTIN-VOLZ -B- Webb County
04-061721 MARTIN-VOLZ -82- Webb County
04-067140 JOHNSON, FLORA I Hidalgo County
04-072326 SAMANO Starr County
04-072425 ROPER, CHARLES C. Hidalgo County
04-083456 HIDALGO-WILLACY Hidalgo County
04-106523 1ST NATIONAL BANK OF HARLINGEN Hidalgo County
04-11521 WELDER HEIRS Duval County
04-120038 JOHNSON, FLORA I. Hidalgo County
04-121700 COOK, V. Hidalgo County
04-124979 COOK, V. Hidalgo County
04-125441 WELDER HEIRS Duval County
04-125840 CLEMONS Hidalgo County
04-127826 JOHNSON, F.I. Hidalgo County
04-129116 SPICE GAS UNIT McMullen County

Drilling Permits Filed by Tana Oil & Gas Corporation