Viceroy Petroleum GP, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Viceroy Petroleum GP, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Viceroy Petroleum GP, LLC
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Leases Operated by Viceroy Petroleum GP, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01267 COULTER -P- Milam County
01-03836 BLACKBURN-TRAMMELL Milam County
01-03979 COFFIELD, H. H. Burleson County
01-04269 SCOTT, D. A. Milam County
01-04294 COFFIELD, H. H. -B- Milam County
01-04296 COFFIELD UNIT Milam County
01-04299 COFFIELD, H. H. -A- Milam County
01-04315 COFFIELD, H. H. -D- Milam County
01-04331 COFFIELD -B- Milam County
01-04332 COFFIELD -C- Milam County
01-04365 COFFIELD -W- Burleson County
01-04390 COFFIELD Burleson County
01-04391 SCOTT Burleson County
01-04396 COFFIELD "A" Burleson County
01-04409 MCGINTY-AVERY Burleson County
01-04418 NOACK Milam County
01-04429 COFFIELD, MARTIN Milam County
01-04479 ORR, ROBERT Milam County
01-04644 TYLER, J. W., ET UX Milam County
01-05607 POLZER, EUGENE Milam County
01-05611 LINNSTAEDTER, VERNON E. Milam County
01-06520 LINNSTAEDTER Milam County
01-066061 JORDAN Milam County
01-066062 JORDAN Milam County
01-07129 COFFIELD-COOK UNIT Milam County
01-07595 COFFIELD, H.H. - HILL A Milam County
01-07744 COFFIELD-WRIGHT UNIT Milam County
01-08198 COOK Milam County
01-08239 NOACK -A- Milam County
01-09081 MORGAN, MARY Milam County
01-09325 ORR, ROBERT C. Milam County
01-09869 COFFIELD ESTATE Milam County
01-10153 BURLESON COUNTY OIL -A- Burleson County
01-10388 MEHAFFEY Milam County
01-10526 JORDAN, M. Milam County
01-11822 MEHAFFEY Milam County
01-12450 ROBERTS, K. Frio County
01-14072 TYLER, J.W. ET UX Milam County
01-14293 SCHAAF, JOHN W. Milam County
01-14363 BEARD M-E (T-535) Milam County
01-14792 ANGEL -B- Milam County
02-04064 KOPECKI, ELIZABETH B. Karnes County
02-08075 JANYSEK, JOE J. Karnes County
03-09760 DOSS Burleson County
03-10227 COFFIELD -E- Burleson County
03-10378 COFFIELD -B- Burleson County
03-10446 COFFIELD -G- Burleson County
03-10994 COFFIELD-RUSSELL UNIT Burleson County
03-11960 COFFIELD "A" Burleson County
03-12493 RUSSELL "A" Burleson County
03-12915 HOLLIMAN Burleson County
03-13069 HARRELL Burleson County
03-13152 MORTON Burleson County
03-13153 PAVLAS, ROBERT Burleson County
03-13156 LEDNICKY, DORIS Burleson County
03-13702 EAST, MILDRED B. Burleson County
03-13793 MORTON Burleson County
03-14132 SEAY, R.E. ET AL Burleson County
03-15738 SCAMARDO Burleson County
03-16025 MADDOX Burleson County
03-16054 MORRIS "A" UNIT Burleson County
03-16124 BRYMER Burleson County
03-16863 NORDT, L.E. Burleson County
03-16925 SUN-WILLARD Burleson County
03-16994 ANDERSON Burleson County
03-17579 M. & E. UNIT Burleson County
03-17778 PERRY UNIT 1 Burleson County
03-17884 CONDON, JACK Burleson County
03-18012 BLACKJACK UNIT Burleson County
03-18239 EUCLID Burleson County
03-18600 THOMAS Burleson County
03-19315 MGI UNIT 1 Burleson County
03-19638 ACT RANCH "A" Bastrop County
03-21455 HENRY SHEPHARD ETAL UNIT 1 Burleson County
03-23723 CANNAE Robertson County
03-23874 COFFIELD-SANTE "A" Milam County
03-23875 COFFIELD-SANTE Milam County
03-23880 COFFIELD-SANTE -B- Milam County
03-25077 HARGROVE, JAMES W. Burleson County
03-25078 JOHNSON, OSCAR Burleson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Viceroy Petroleum GP, LLC