Xplore Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Xplore Operating, LLC
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Leases Operated by Xplore Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-259149 SEA BISCUIT Jackson County
09-088979 CRAFT, E. M. Jack County
09-115018 NOWAK-BROWN Jack County
09-14412 TRAISTER, A. M., -A- Wise County
09-145223 WARREN Jack County
09-16444 WHITSITT, IRA "A" Jack County
09-16472 WHITSITT, IRA Jack County
09-16661 LESTER CARTER "B" Jack County
09-16668 LESTER CARTER 1 Jack County
09-16704 RONEY Jack County
09-17104 NOWAK-BROWN 2A Jack County
09-17893 CLAYTON, J. R. Jack County
09-18063 PEEK, EMMA Clay County
09-210707 CRAFT, E. M. Jack County
09-21519 CARTER, LESTER "B" Jack County
09-222742 HOLT, D. M. Wise County
09-23802 HOEFLE, M. P. Jack County
09-24116 RITCHIE Jack County
09-27381 RONEY, VERA Jack County
09-27715 CARTER, LESTER "A" Jack County
09-27876 CARTER, LESTER "A" Jack County
09-27885 RUMPH #1 Jack County
09-282605 REAGAN-MERCER Jack County
09-282608 NOWAK-BROWN Jack County
09-28348 TURNER, MARY-3-4-5-6 Jack County
09-28503 HANNA HEIRS "A" Jack County
09-28737 KING, ALMA Jack County
09-28796 APEX-SMITH #1 Jack County
09-29194 ELLIS "A" Jack County
09-29295 CARTER, LESTER Jack County
09-29297 ELLIS "B" Jack County
09-29468 ELLIS "B" Jack County
09-29493 KING "A" Jack County
09-30523 RICHARDS, FRANK Jack County
09-30604 RICHARDS, FRANK Jack County
09-30885 RUTH PEEK "A" Jack County
09-31118 PARK UNIT Hardeman County
09-31717 PARK XOG Hardeman County
09-31918 DUKE Jack County
09-32205 AARON UNIT Hardeman County
09-32272 HOEFLE Jack County
09-32388 LINDSEY UNIT Hardeman County
09-32632 HANNA HEIRS 'A' Jack County
09-32759 JUSTUS Jack County
09-32929 SHARON HYDE Jack County
09-33309 FRANK RICHARDS Jack County
09-33787 JUSTUS Jack County
7B-059140 RHODES W. J. -B- Palo Pinto County
7B-060231 FARMER B. J. Parker County
7B-060834 MURRAY L.D. Parker County
7B-061415 RHODES W. J. B Palo Pinto County
7B-068863 MOORE H.P. Parker County
7B-069108 SWANSON-WALDRUM UNIT Parker County
7B-069109 SWANSON-WALDRUM UNIT Parker County
7B-069176 CYRIER UNIT Parker County
7B-071778 GAINES, EDWARD Parker County
7B-072855 LAMPKIN, W. W. Parker County
7B-074008 SIMMONS, PHIL Parker County
7B-076557 LAMKIN, W.W. Parker County
7B-077217 SIMMONS, PHIL Parker County
7B-092813 DALLAS, G.W. Parker County
7B-115776 MURRAY,L.D. "A" Parker County
7B-133768 CHASTAIN, L.B. Parker County
7B-14538 GANN, E.E. Eastland County
7B-161912 SIMMONS Parker County
7B-162022 JUSTICE ET AL Parker County
7B-162211 RHODES, W. J. Palo Pinto County
7B-163048 PATTERSON Parker County
7B-164299 RHODES, W. J. Palo Pinto County
7B-164300 RHODES, W. J. Palo Pinto County
7B-164472 COWLEY Parker County
7B-166067 MURRAY, L. D. Parker County
7B-166995 STAFFORD Parker County
7B-184572 COWLEY Parker County
7B-20917 BASKIN FEE Eastland County
7B-277484 ROSE-SCALING Parker County
7B-281058 PATTERSON Parker County
7B-282152 LAMKIN, W.W. Parker County
7B-30976 BASKIN FEE Eastland County
7B-31208 GANN Eastland County

Drilling Permits Filed by Xplore Operating, LLC