Ipact Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Ipact
Map of Wells Operated by Ipact
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STE 135-180
AUSTIN, TX 78734

Leases Operated by Ipact

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-00987 CALLIHAN, W. M. -A- Caldwell County
01-01050 BRANYON, F. M. Caldwell County
01-01052 CALLIHAN, W. M. -C- Caldwell County
01-01111 BLACKWELL, RAYMOND Caldwell County
01-04184 CONN-NOAH UNIT Dimmit County
01-04287 COTTEN Milam County
01-06379 FOLEY, NORMENT Zavala County
01-06855 CESAK, JOSEPH B. Milam County
01-07251 BETTY SUE BIRD B Wilson County
01-08667 BETTY SUE BIRD C Wilson County
01-09616 FUSSELL, J.H. Milam County
01-09656 REED, N. W. Caldwell County
02-07225 DIEBEL, C. C. Goliad County
02-203645 MONT GAS UNIT NO. 1 Lavaca County
02-212596 MUELLER GAS UNIT Lavaca County
03-02417 HOUSE, H. C. Harris County
03-04733 COCKBURN OIL CORP. Harris County
03-04747 SMITH, H. P. Liberty County
03-05375 LOCKE, D. H. Liberty County
03-05525 BARCLAY, J. F., ETAL Liberty County
03-06207 SEABERG, SOPHIA, ETAL Liberty County
03-06218 ANSELIN-BABCOCK Liberty County
03-06387 BLAKELY -N- Fort Bend County
03-07400 JOHNSON, B. E. Liberty County
03-08628 PINCHBACK, SEAWILLOW, MRS. Jefferson County
03-08691 PINCHBACK, SEAWILLOW, MRS. Jefferson County
03-13699 PINE VILLAGE UNIT Harris County
03-167553 WEST, WESLEY Polk County
03-167585 WESLEY WEST UNIT Polk County
03-20022 ANAHUAC MAIN FRIO OIL UNIT Chambers County
03-20056 FISHER, FLORENCE Liberty County
03-22394 CROSBIE, T. S. Liberty County
03-22769 GULF-26 Liberty County
03-22874 MARSHALL, A.B. FEE Harris County
03-24039 PINCHBACK, MRS. SEAWILLOW Jefferson County
04-153008 FROST PETERS Duval County
04-153162 ARMISTEAD Duval County
06-10970 GREER Harrison County
06-11464 WARREN, JAS. Smith County
06-13588 GREER "B" Harrison County
09-00706 ABERCROMBIE & TAYLOR Archer County
09-03070 KELIEHOR, C. J., UNIT #2 Grayson County
09-03071 KELIEHOR, C. J., UNIT #3 Grayson County
09-05497 DOUGLAS Wichita County
09-066344 CLARK Jack County
09-16877 ELECTRA Wichita County
09-17774 MILLER, MAUDE -B- Archer County
09-26419 PEAVY, S. H. #20 Young County
09-26428 PEAVY, S.H. "BB" Young County
7B-00975 TAYLOR-ROBERTSON Coleman County
7B-05380 STANLEY, RUFUS Brown County
7B-05645 LOFLAND, H. H. Taylor County
7B-062426 LUCAS, R. W. -A- Brown County
7B-06429 DAVIS, S. M. Callahan County
7B-082680 MCFARLANE Brown County
7B-08764 ALLEN, A. M. Brown County
7B-094546 SCOTT,HADLEY Comanche County
7B-100725 PARKER Comanche County
7B-10912 SLC SEC. 121 Jones County
7B-11014 FLORES, JACK Callahan County
7B-11598 GARFIELD Callahan County
7B-122226 HOUNSHELL,HORACE Brown County
7B-122335 HOUNSHELL,HORACE Brown County
7B-17984 MCFARLANE, J. R. Brown County
7B-21570 THOMASON, WORTH Brown County
7B-22814 CALLAWAY, GERALD L. Brown County
7B-23568 CALLAWAY, GERALD L. Brown County
7B-24221 HILLTEX RIVER RANCH 233 #1 Throckmorton County
7B-24615 HERRING, CASEY Coleman County
7B-26287 CALLOWAY Brown County
7B-26669 MORROW (FORMERLY M.E. RISTER) Jones County
7B-27792 TAYLOR MOTOR CO. "AB" Coleman County
7B-29016 DAVIS, J. T. ESTATE Callahan County
7B-29046 BEASLEY Jones County
7B-29359 CALLAWAY/MARION Brown County
7B-29495 THOMASON-MARION #2 Brown County
7B-29595 MINEAR, MIZ Coleman County
7C-108473 WEST, MORA LEE Schleicher County
8A-61332 ROY, W. V. "1X" Garza County
8A-61727 RICHARDSON, JOHN Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Ipact